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Show #231

Long-Play Wednesday, finally. I’ve got some classics from the likes of Chick Corea, Lee Fields, Stevie Wonder, Dan Mangan, and Sharon Jones, as well as new music from The Strumbellas, Wagons, and The Lone Bellows. 12 more words


Show #230

Tonight’s the night, and it’s going to happen again and again.

Tune in from 4:00 to 6:00 (doesn’t really count as night, I know) for some of the best jazz, funk, folk, pop… You know how we do.


Show #229

Things could be worse. It’s summer time, the weather is high… And all you really need in life is some good music.

Well, I’m glad I’m here to help. 121 more words


Show #228

It’s Wednesday, and while years ago that merely meant that you still had to get over the hump and then some to get to a weekend, it is now a day to which we can all look forward, and rejoice when we make it there. 178 more words


Show #227

Who else thinks we could use just a little more rain? Personally, I’m tired of this non-stop sun. I mean, Canada Day without a downpour? What the hell was that? 126 more words


Show #226 + Long-Play Wednesday

After an unexpected vacation last week (I was home, sick, feeling sorry for myself), I’m back in full effect! Bringing you that cool jazz, that hard funk, that fringe pop, and all those sneaky weird musical treats. 136 more words


Show #225 + Community Radio Garage Sale Special (part 2)

Continuing in WPIT?! fashion, I’ll be diving into some more music from CJTR’s Annual Music Garage Sale. I picked up a lot of cool gems on Saturday, and I can’t wait to play some of them on the air. 184 more words