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Love For Today

Love people in this very moment and exactly where they are, for you cannot know their journey in the past nor their direction in the future.

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Inspiring Others

“Have you ever been stopped in your tracks? By a stranger who affected you profoundly?” ~ Eric Tonningsen

Months ago, I briefly mentioned a woman named Rose.

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When Things Really Matter

In a Major League Baseball season there are 162 regular season games. Pretty much every team will win 60 and every team will lose 60. It’s what happens in the other 42 that matters. 689 more words


A Thing to Remember

A thing to remember, When in an argument, or indeed any unpleasant moment involving certain conflict, the answer is simple. Back down. Surrender. Think about it; if it’s really not that big of a deal, if you know that one day you’ll eventually get over it, then just fucking accept it. 229 more words


My Inspiration

Thirty days ago, I felt a nudge in my heart to take a break and give up something that I really loved and was important to me.  384 more words


Eid Mubarak X

One of the things that I love about the Palestinians is their SPIRIT. You can steal their land; bomb their homes and kill their families, but you can’t break their SPIRIT. 42 more words

What Really Matters.