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Words by Yasmin Mogahed

“I used to wonder why some Palestinian people would engage in actions that could only provoke the aggressor further. Then I realized that to ask a people to live quietly, while they have no justice and no freedom, is to ask them to live “peacefully” as slaves. 211 more words

What Really Matters.

Everything Happens For a Reason... Or Does It?

“Everything happens for a reason”

Such simple, yet profound, encouraging (yet partially demotivating) words.  A phrase we have all heard.   Yet they stopped me in my tracks. 777 more words



Hi everyone.

Apologies I have been MIA recently…I have been busy with Ramadan and other commitments for the past few weeks. Belated Ramadan Mubarak to those of you fasting during this beautiful month! 60 more words

What Really Matters.

The 'Unclean' audacity in stigmatizing Nature

As far as my society feels, any woman going through her monthly cycles specific ‘period’ is practically victimized and nearly shunned from normal life.

I must confess, i will never really know how painful the entire thing is for half the population, but then I did try to do my thing, when i was in my Undergraduate studies, i used to have generally keep track of when special ladies around me were in that part of the month, and actually let go of them being irrational and cranky at that time. 461 more words


Notes to My Younger Self

Sometimes a photo just grips you, jumps off the page {or screen}, arrests your attention, flat-out grabs you by the lapels and refuses to let go until you acknowledge its power. 1,443 more words


North Where?

I was on Facebook earlier this year and I saw this ad that said, “Like Kim Kardashian? Give your opinion on Kim Kardashian, North West, and Kanye for FREE!” I could… 629 more words

Cheating with ED

Perhaps you’ve taken the vow “til death do us part” with your spouse or settled down with a life partner. Maybe you pride yourself on your commitment and loyalty to your partner, never straying from the relationship with another man or woman. 810 more words