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Straightening Priorities!

It doesn’t matter whether fellow writers LIKE me or not.

Their approval or disapproval of my point of view is, in the final analysis, irrelevant. 240 more words

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What Really Matters

Whatever you do in life will be insignificant

But, its very important that you do it

Because, nobody else will.

Gandhi said that.

I am trying an alternate version. 240 more words

At Times I Think Too Hard

When I meditate.

When I meditate, I no longer think of negative things even though it’s hard to create space in my mind. Each day it gets easier, but I’m beginning to have a stronger understanding of the power our mind has. 333 more words

"Cold & Bureaucratic" - The Closure of Lyndale School

And so with heartbreaking and crushing inevitability comes the news that Wirral Council’s Labour Cabinet has voted unanimously to close Lyndale School.
A special school which taught and supported some of Wirral’s most vulnerable children who have a multitude of complex needs. 250 more words

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Love For Today

Love people in this very moment and exactly where they are, for you cannot know their journey in the past nor their direction in the future.

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Inspiring Others

“Have you ever been stopped in your tracks? By a stranger who affected you profoundly?” ~ Eric Tonningsen

Months ago, I briefly mentioned a woman named Rose.

458 more words