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Sincerity and Truth


Scripture: Psalms 2:22

Games (parlor or otherwise) are exciting and fun for some but I much prefer to watch rather than participate.

One of our Sunday School classes had a party in the Fellowship Hall at the church. 435 more words


For the Glory of God

John 11:4

The posted highway speed is 65 mph. I think it means that the top speed to drive on that particular roadway is 65 mph. 554 more words

First Baptist Church Of Watford City

Put yourself in the way of beauty - make the Best of the Worst

Last night I saw the movie Wild. Based on a true story, it is a girl who basically becomes self-destructive after her mother’s death. She faced inexplicable pain, losing the person closest to her, and it drove her to do things she had never done before, like use heroin and have sex with anybody who asked. 477 more words


Attitude of Gratitude

There’s no excuse not to be THANKFUL or say THANK YOU. I wanted to thank each person individually and it became overwhelming so I thought to quit the idea. 109 more words

Little Green Monster

What makes us want things we can’t have? Why do we crave to call something “ours” when it clearly belongs to someone else? We see something someone else has and want to pull out a giant name-tag sticker and claim it as ours. 210 more words


Stop, Drop, Pray, & Go

So David went, he and the six hundred men that were with him, and came to the brook Besor, where those that were left behind stayed. 304 more words

What Really Matters

Doing God's Job

As Christians, we are taught to love one another, to turn the other cheek, or to give a coat away if someone has a need. This is a lesson I have taken to heart and found it quite easy to do. 409 more words

What Really Matters