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Cherish the Moment

Live in the moment. The expression has become so common it is almost cliché. And yet, is there a cliché with more truth?

We are so connected, so easily contacted – so easily distracted. 552 more words

Choose To Be Positive

As life goes on

I had a ct enterography Tuesday. I had to drink 750ml of Barium every 30 minutes for 90 minutes. I was afraid of the dye. The woman ahead of me had a serious allergic reaction in the machine, to the dye. 467 more words


The GI guy and more tests scheduled

Saw the GI guy who confirmed that explosive diarrhea is indeed not normal. I have a CT enterography scheduled in about 10 days because my weight loss is concerning to him. 201 more words


Wedding: Video and Vows

After a week of being back at work, most of the comments on the wedding have centered around a couple elements of the ceremony that were particularly powerful. 150 more words

What REALLY Matters

I Can Do Bad All By Myself

Who’s bad? We all are! -that said, there is no point continuing .
Being that happiness is selfish, every choice we make is made to maximize our satisfaction… And we leave out all the rest. 368 more words


Motherhood Week 15- Coupons, Sales & Reflecting on What Matters

Coupons & Sales. I have been made a believer. Before little Elliot arrived I couldn’t be bothered with coupons, shopping sales or keeping track of when my CVS Extra bucks expired. 740 more words

What Really Matters

Today I came across a card I’ve had for years.  I love cards, and I collect them.  Mostly to give away, but this one I’ve kept because it has a glamorous picture of Grace Kelly on the front, and it was like over six bucks.   1,718 more words