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Quotable: Don't Quit

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Sometimes we all need a little inspirational pick me up …especially on a Monday. Full disclosure, this post is probably more for me than anyone else. 150 more words

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These boots are made for workin'

Sometimes entering a radio contest pays off as it did for me a couple of weeks ago when I e-mailed my entry to a contest on Sirius Satellite’s… 455 more words

Hail to Bisquick

I swear, I use it all the freaking time. I make waffles -> bisquick. I make cinnamon rolls-> bisquick. I make pancakes-> bisquick.

It’s just a lovely box to have around, you know? 53 more words

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Shameless self promotion... again

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Here’s the link. :)

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The Big List of Books I Started Reading and Never Finished.

Alright, guys, this is a problem.

Mostly, this applies to books I buy, not ones I check out. But it’s still a bad problem.

I own around thirtyish books (not counting the HP series, and that’s only because I don’t keep those on my personal bookshelf), and check out the rest of the books I buy. 353 more words

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What She Said!

For those of you who aren’t on Facebook, or who didn’t get to read one of the blog posts I shared on my page last week, this is your opportunity. 161 more words


Finally accepting that this is goodbye...

… To Carrie Bradshaw.

So, with all the silence and the removal of TCD from OnDemand listings, I’ve known that worst truly had come. The Carrie Diaries is actually over, guys. 302 more words

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