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yes, i’m enormous, thanks for noticing

Depending on who you are or how well you know me or what time of day you read these posts, your feedback vis-à-vis your perception of my overall pregnancy experience has ranged from me suffering utter misery to me enjoying ecstatic bliss. 990 more words


Preggo Report: Week 36

Baby is still packing on the lbs! I had an extra ultrasound this week, as my doctors thought my belly was measuring a little too small (according to fundal height). 73 more words

Preggo Report: Week 35

35 weeks and going strong! Bought myself some new workout gear this week to help keep me motivated! Baby has been getting the hiccups every night like clockwork… which is good news! 63 more words

Limbo Period

Ever heard of the expression “like ripping off a band-aid”? Well, easier said than done.

In my experience, the best way to go through a break up is to take your time.

272 more words

This Is Only The Beginning...

I am writing today to tell you that whoever came up with the asinine name “morning sickness” is an evil, demented individual.

More like morning, noon, night, and twice on Sundays sickness! 324 more words

Life In General

What to Expect on Move-In Day

1) Waiting for the elevators are like waiting in line at Disneyland.

2) Therefore, you will take multiple trips up and down stairs. Feel the burn. 220 more words