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In search of signs of irrational exuberance

Psst! Gather round; I’ve got a hot stock tip for you!

What? You didn’t hear about the stock market boom? Where have you been? Hasn’t your taxi driver given you any hot tips recently? 233 more words


Milestone watch: 2000 on S&P 500

Americans are an impatient bunch, more attuned to the pleasures of instant gratification than waiting around for good things to happen. Well, investors are impatient, too. 258 more words


Will Yellen throw Wall Street a rate curveball?

Janet Yellen has long been viewed as a market-friendly banker, so much so that Wall Street investment strategist Edward Yardeni has dubbed her the “Fairy Godmother of the Bull Market.” 823 more words


Less pain at gas pump eases market pain

Pain at the pump this summer was supposed to cause major pain in the stock market. But gas prices headed south instead, siphoning risk out of the market. 239 more words


Fed minutes, Yellen words could offer clues to rate-hike timing

Move over President Putin, the Janet Yellen-led Federal Reserve is about to nudge you off the front pages. Starting Wednesday, Wall Street’s focus will turn back to the continuing saga of when — and how fast — the Fed will raise short-term interest rates, currently pegged at a historic low of 0% to 0.25%. 246 more words


Summer Under the Stars: August 22 - 31

Welcome to the final installment of TMP’s Summer Under the Stars recommendations! All times are listed in Eastern, are subject to change, and are sourced from the U.S. 311 more words

What To Watch