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What Went Wrong With... Having An Unorthodox Opinion?

It has become very easy to dismiss unconventional or non-mainstream opinions, especially in the last two decades. It is now a common practice to chastise and bully any purveyor of unorthodox opinion whether it be a celebrity criticiser or a conspiracy theorist, and if you find yourself in either of these minority groups; you will feel the malignant and spiteful wrath of the masses. 1,462 more words


What Went Wrong With... Canibus & Fait Accompli?

Anybody who remembers the hype that surrounded Canibus in the late nineties remembers that almost everyone was on his side during the beef he had with LL Cool J. 1,153 more words


What Went Wrong With... 50 Cent & Animal Ambition?

With the majority of the singles having already been released during the last few months, it isn’t hard to piece 50 Cent’s upcoming album together. And whether he decides to add an extra track here or there, or toys with idea of re-arranging the tracklist; “Animal Ambition” will remain one of the worst albums in contemporary… 1,100 more words