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Plant-based Foods & Soylent

On one hand, plant-based alternatives to meet the growing global demand for meat may be the future of food. On the other hand, Soylent has been heralded as the end of food.

What We're Reading

TOP READS recommended by our young reading team (July)

July sped by. We hope you had time during the school holidays to hide away with some good books. Since it’s the last day of July, it’s the day for our  58 more words

What We're Reading

What I'm reading: A Chinese Gold Standard?

By Fareed Zakaria

“China’s nearly $4 trillion in reserves — accumulated through its mercantilist trade policies — give it plenty of ammunition to claim leadership in the creation of a new monetary order,” … 423 more words

CNN's Jason Miks

The True Believer

The True Believer. Eric Hoffer. 192 Pages. Compulsive Behavior/Political.

Summary: In the 20th Century we saw a number of political uprisings and mass movements, but what were the circumstances that caused/allowed these movements to happen? 279 more words

What We're Reading

What I'm reading: Sanctions and Russia’s Achilles heel

By Fareed Zakaria

“But even by hinting as to what sectoral sanctions might look like, Obama has upset Russia’s economic calculations. Obama is often criticized for not backing up the ‘red lines’ that he draws. 354 more words

CNN's Jason Miks

What We're (Re-)Reading Now: 'The Mists of Avalon' by Marion Zimmer Bradley

You know what I’m a sucker for? Feminism. Also, genre fiction, especially the fantastical sort. Which is why the only reason I hadn’t read Marion Zimmer Bradley’s… 483 more words


What we're reading: The "East Beach / Littlehampton effect"

Riverside Wharf

West Beach Cafe

East Beach Cafe

We have been reading about Jane Wood‘s role in transforming Littlehampton, in West Sussex, through cutting-edge modern architecture and design. 151 more words