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What Would You Do If...

What would you do? (a poem)

This week’s HoneLife poetry exercise is to write a short poem that starts with ‘What would you do if…’ 25 more words


On the first day of...

Summer! You thought I was going to say Christmas didn’t you! Well in Australia both are true. AND this summer/Christmas season I’m sharing some tips on how you can feel more alive and invigorated even when it’s stinking hot outside and you have way too much to get done before your next Christmas do. 534 more words

What Would You Do If...

Something a little different in your sandwiches this week

When you say ‘Chicken Salad’ in Australia this is the image that comes to mind:

Today we’re exploring Chicken Salad Sandwiches, or what is known as shredded or chopped chicken mixed with mayo and often includes grapes, walnuts, apples, celery, along with many other things… as well as a variety of spices –best served on a sub roll or on wheat bread. 192 more words

What Would You Do If...

Quick tips for an organised Christmas

With 29 days until Christmas it just makes sense to get stuck in and organise yourself for a smooth and fun December.

My advice? Grab a notebook, an excel sheet, or use an app on your smart phone – whatever you prefer to use to stay on top of things – and write down everything you need to make, purchase or do for Christmas. 282 more words

What Would You Do If...

Phillip Island Fun!

Road trips, long weekends, beach days, these are the things Summer is made for! This week I find myself heading off to Phillip Island in search of Penguins, beach walks, shopping, good food, and adventure. 87 more words

What Would You Do If...