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My new bestie, Stress

Stress is bad. It makes us look tired, it takes away our sleep, it fills our days with frowns and worry.

So why in the world would I want it to be my new bestie?!? 136 more words

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Celebrate with pen and paper! Write someone a letter today

When was the last time you put pen to paper to get in touch with someone?

Email, text messaging and instant communication are incredible tools, but what about the personal touch of a handwritten letter? 372 more words

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A kitchen wish list

One of the things I love about house hunting is discovering all the different kinds of kitchens on offer. I’m not going to expect my perfect dream kitchen when buying my first home, but that doesn’t mean I can’t have a checklist of preferences to make everyday life easier. 182 more words

September Spring Clean Challenge

I think I might be a little obsessed...

Has anyone seen Alys Fowler in her The Edible Garden series? If you haven’t click here and educate yourself, I’ll just wait here until you come back… 390 more words

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Chicken and mushroom pot pie

Some of the things I crave most in winter are those hot comfort foods. Pies are delicious, but all of that pastry can be deadly to your waistline. 187 more words

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How to survive a zombie apocalypse... and similar emergencies

When it comes to any type of emergency wouldn’t you like to be one of the few people who planned ahead? All too often it isn’t until disaster strikes that people realise just how unprepared they were. 795 more words

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Happy One Year to Us!

We’re celebrating our one year anniversary this month! A year ago last July 1st, Brick Road Creative Studios was launched. So much has happened in this first year and we look forward to some exciting times to come. 190 more words

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