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God's Care for Your Struggling Child

Is your child struggling to survive? Has their well-being been compromised by an addiction to drugs or alcohol, time spent in jail or prison, a mental health issue, same-sex attraction, self-injury or an eating disorder? 591 more words

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Fitting in at Camp Goodtimes

Boy, this summer is flying by. I have found very little time to focus on my writing– most of my energy has been directed towards spending time with my kids and putting my hours in at work. 27 more words

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Something Weary Parents Lack

Today’s blog is a re-post from February 2013.

Are you a weary parent?  Are you drained?  Depleted?  Worn out from dealing with your child’s rebelliousness, alcohol and drug abuse, eating disorder, forms of self-injury like cutting and burning, pornography, mental illness, sexual identity issues and continuous arrests?  517 more words

What You Can Do

Refreshment for Parents with Broken Hearts

Today’s blog is a visual one. It’s purpose is to refresh the hearts of parents with broken hearts. On my weak and weary days with my daughter who struggles with substance abuse, mental illness, self-harm and suicidal thoughts I was so distressed I couldn’t concentrate to read much or function at my normal capacity. 248 more words

What You Can Do

Blog Hop! Why I Write

Today I’m going to do something different. I’m going to introduce you to several other bloggers. Each of them write for different reasons and has a unique style all their own. 1,163 more words

What You Can Do

Malaysian Airliner Crash and Hurting Parents

My heart ached when I heard the news about the tragic crash of the Malaysian Airliner. As I thought about it and prayed for the families it occurred to me that there are many commonalities here with hurting parents whose children are abusing drugs or alcohol, have a mental illness, struggle with self-injury or an eating disorder, are in and out of jail or prison, or struggle with a same-sex attraction. 550 more words

What You Can Do

The Power of Speaking Up by Kyla Ellinger

I’m going to tell you a story. This is one that I havn’t told many people and I’m not going to use anybody’s real names for their privacy, but this is one of my close friends. 609 more words