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A New Kind of Hope for Parents with Broken Hearts

Have you ever felt hopeless about your child? They were arrested – again. Now they’re facing a longer jail or prison sentence. Have you reached the point where you couldn’t believe any more that change was possible? 527 more words

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Parents Need to Know the Warning Signs of Suicide

Are you the mom or dad of a child who is struggling with depression?  Are you tormented not knowing if your child is safe – from themselves? 640 more words

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Where is Help if Your Child Struggles Like Robin Williams Did?

 Since Robin Williams’ tragic death, there has been volumes written and discussed about addiction, recovery, depression and suicide in the media. Depression. Substance Abuse. Suicide. Each strikes fear and trembling in every parent’s heart. 613 more words

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What Can Make the Difference for Parents with Troubled Children?

Have you found yourself in the position of not liking like the person your child has become? 

When they’re rude, hurtful, disrespectful and downright hateful it’s hard not to. 450 more words

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Tips to Help Your Child Stop Cutting Themselves

Are you the parent of a child who cuts themselves? I had never heard of this until my daughter cut herself the first time. She was twelve. 619 more words

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Frustrated Parents: Who’s listening when you’re talking?

As parents, we naturally do a lot of talking, especially to our kids.  However, as they get older, become teenagers, and grow into adulthood, for many of us, it seems like we don’t command the same attention as we did when they were younger. 648 more words

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Welcome to WholeSomeBodies!

by Amy Torchia, Children’s Advocacy Coordinator, Vermont Network Against Domestic and Sexual Violence

WholeSomeBodies is a curriculum for adults who have children and youth in their lives—such as parents, teachers, coaches, and mentors. 705 more words

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