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i love plastic.

do not ask me why.

(it is pleasant to lick, to bite.)

many times i have to drag it off, just like a good kill, 97 more words


One-Sided Coin Toss

I find it really hard to accept the fact that people only look at one side of a situation. It’s like if tossing a coin the side that lands’ facing up is the only one that matters. 160 more words

Random Rantings

The Everwhat

The Everwhat of What do I do?

Maybe I should write one of those cheesy and clichéd and repetitive and boring and redundant and cheesy and clichéd and repetitive and boring stories about infinite love and complete faith in crazy and imperfect yet inexplicably good-looking strangers who fill teen and preteen girls all over the world with high expectations of prince charming and when reality hits them like a truck that’s been honking for the last few hours turns into clichéd and boring and unoriginal and overly melodramatic oh-somebody-dies-don’t-say-bad-stuff-if-someone-kills-themself stories where only the names of the protagonists keep authors from getting caught for plagiarism. 355 more words

New Video: Tameka "Tiny" Harris- "What The F@#k You Gonna Do?"

Talk about timing part 2 lol. T.I.’s version yesterday and now Tiny’s version today.