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Dramatic Feedback

In our entire lives, we have suffered that ungrateful word, drama. Yes, drama. We all have been through it. Whether it’s pity, or a huge, flat-out drama; we still have to deal with it. 129 more words

The Cost of Living

The problem with life is that there is nothing to compare it to. My parents think I’m not working hard enough because they think they’d be working harder in my situation. 998 more words


On Opinions

Opinions are overrated.  Everybody seems to have one for everything, and they all think theirs is valid.  The problem is that, unless someone has done thorough research, their opinion is likely irrelevant.  62 more words

I don't... I can't even...

Choosing between feeling and not feeling is futile.

I want to write and I do not want to write.

I want to fix myself, but I am resistant to change. 25 more words

The Moon

A few nights ago, as you may have heard, there was an occurrence of the “Blood Moon” if you call it that. For those of you not aware, the Blood Moon was a lunar eclipse that happened 3 days ago and turned the moon an orange-red color for a little bit. 187 more words


Almost Fun

Let’s do fast cars,
Let’s do acid bars;
Heal our scars,
On a trip to Mars.

I didn’t choose you company,
Can’t quite say it chose me, 76 more words

Winter Soldier (Spoiler Free)

Watched Captain America: The Winter Soldier today and I really enjoyed it. I’m deciding if I liked it more or less than the first because there’s a lot more action, but that’s another post. 143 more words