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Three Ways To Look (2014)

1. Up.
2. Down.
3. Everywhere.
To do-
The complete view.


Work Etiquette or 'how not to annoy your customers'

Customer service training is great, don’t you think? It reminds you of the things you should be doing on days when you are thoroughly fed up with just that….customers. 656 more words

Real Life

Three Ways To Get Along (2014)

1. Be nice.
2. Treat others as you’d like to be treated.
3. Smile.
Goes a long way-
On any given day.


Three To Teach Us Well (2014)

1. Everyday life.
2. Teachers.
3. Grandmother.
Lessons to know-
Lessons that continue to grow.


Three Hard To Resist (2014)

1. Puppies.
2. 50% off.
3. Fudge.
Chalky and smooth topped-
Chocolate lovers just cannot
be stopped.


Three Canes (2014)

1. Walking.
2. Sugar.
3. Candy.
Red and white-
To make a Christmas bright.


Three Warnings (2014)

1. Weather.
2. Health.
3. Street closures.
To simply go around-
Where the Thanksgiving Day parade will be found.