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Three Long Ways (2011)

1. Cross country.
2. Around the world.
3. Way around Africa.
Without the Suez Canal, a lot
of our oil today-
Would have to travel 6000 more
miles, to head this way.


Three For One Direction (2014)

1. Great music.
2. Extreme fans.
3. Danny DeVito.
Another generation to know-
Thanks to “Steal My Girl” video.


A Quick Say-In A Rhyming Way # 625

In Texas, the rain brings happy faces-

Although, too much of it, has brought sad ones, in other places.



Three Rings (2014)

1. Bathtub.
2. Wedding.
3. The one to hear,
as soon as you step into tub.
You know-
In time, with water flow.


Three To Chase (2014)

1. Dreams.
2. Toddler.
3. Paper.
Generally mile after mile-
In grand style.


Three To See More Of (2011)

1. Drought.

2. Fires.

3. Ads online.


Future TV online-

With more commercials, to find.


Clear-That Fear (90)

Without a mental tool-

Daily life is not cool.