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i am nothing at all

I am born to be alone. I was made for alone.

I am a hookup girl, not a girlfriend girl.

I am self-hating and selfish and stupid and ungracious and poor.


Three Meals To Enjoy (2014)

1. Chicken.
2. Beef.
3. Seafood.
Especially when I am looking-
And it’s someone else doing the cooking.


Three That Always Believe You (2014)

1. Mother.
2. Father.
3. Lawyer.
Old time stuff-
As long as they are paid enough.


Three Types Of Socks (2014)

1. Ankle.
2. Knee high.
3. Oil filtered.
Casually dumped on
North Dakota ground.


Clear-That Fear (149)

Not a moment to miss-

To enjoy the season, to change those words, to practice.



Clear-That Fear (148)

This especially is the season-

To work on that panic and anxiety, for a good reason.