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Ga Jelas

Nggak tau kenapa, setiap kali fotoan aku suka banget mangap -_-“


( Bisa tebak yg mana aku kaaan? ;) )


Nggak tau kenapa, aku baru sadar ternyata aku sudah SMA dan hampir lulus (Aamiin!) … 192 more words

Ngebolang Sebelum UN (Ah. Hiraukan)

Jadi dua mingguan sebelum UN aku nyempetin diri buat jalan-jalan, oke ini bahasa halusnya dari ‘ngebolang’ huhuu…

Well, sebenarnya bukan ngebolang gitu sih, kita (Aku dan beberapa temen kelasku) satu kelompok buat ngerjain tugas akhir Matematika. 219 more words

Presumptuous Haiku

I don’t want to jump

to any conclusions, but

that’s what I’m good at.


Supreme Court Gives Police New Power To Rely On Anonymous Tips

See on Scoop.itPahndeepah Perceptions

The court ruled that police can stop and search a driver based solely on an anonymous 911 tip. The 5-4 decision split the court’s two most conservative justices.

50 more words

Google Glass + Word Lens

The combination of these two products could redefine how we intact with foreign languages. Take my quick poll to see where you stand on this cutting edge technology.  


Photo Of The Day

Starting today I’m going to be doing a series of pictures that I have shot in my travels. It is a light paining series. Most of these I like, some more then others but I would love to hear what you think about them. 17 more words


Another day of Therapy!!!!!

Lol!!! I love it!!! So I guess I should get therapy. At least that’s what I’ve been told. So since my son sees a therapist, I can very confidently tell you that I need to pay some guy/gal $150 an hour to sit there and listen to me bitch about whatever comes to my mind so that they can look at me at the end of it and ask.. 1,418 more words

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