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Stop Killing The Children !!!!!!

16 children murdered at UN School in Gaza

Is President Obama suffering from laryngitis in the last couple of days?

I ask, because he was a Press conference whore after MH17  was shot down killing 298 innocent people. 207 more words


The Civil Rights Act: 50 years later

After reading an article about Renisha McBride’s trial I decided to sit back and understand how far we’ve come…

How far have we come has been one of the most popular questions known to Americans ever since the passing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. 340 more words



That familiar feeling that paralyzes, as it torments the mind day in and day out…
It´s been settled in my mind, “I am of no value” 284 more words

The Journey

Tom Lescher - Astrology Forecast For July 23th - 23 July 2014

Uploaded on 23 July 2014  by Tom Lescher When I show my truth, Without giving a reason, I get in touch with the part of my heart, That’s not bound by time, space, or season. 92 more words


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Kaypacha (Tom Lescher) shares the ideas of letting go of our ancient ancestral heritages in place of claiming our spiritual heritage, which includes embrace who we are, and what is in our heart. I really enjoyed this one because he talks about a number of concepts that are all relevant right at this time. Thank you Lucas 2012infos for sharing this post with us.

A Woman's Cry, A Brothas Prayer

When a mother raises her son to be all he can should she blame herself for his own mistakes or realize as much as he is her child he is his own man? 526 more words

Random Thoughts

I'm not Martha Stewart

“Gia, will you get off of the counter!”
“Uh, what do you want now?”
“Can you just wait please!”

It was six P.M. on a Monday and I thought I could whip up a quick pink colored popcorn all the while trying to make flounder florentine, sun dried tomato risotto, and broccoli…yes, it’s true – domestic diva here – I kind of rock, my husband gets meals like this every night, well most nights, a few nights…Ok maybe just once in a while – gotta keep him on his toes! 495 more words

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