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I’ve been seeing a couple of these floating about on the blogosphere, so I decided to do one as well! 

I was actually quite disappointed to discover that I don’t have nearly as much trash in my bag as I initially thought I’d have. 192 more words

What's In My Bag? | New York, New York 2014

Over the weekend I had a short getaway to the city that never sleeps. I literally feel like I didn’t. I’m a zombie right now. Anyways, instead of showcasing you what I brought with me, I want to show you what I… 105 more words

Green Beauty

What's In Mary Straton's Bag?

Mary Straton from Olive You, Darling is guesting for me today! YAY!

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

So excited to share a post idea with the darling Laurel of The Lovely Bee! 523 more words

Guest Posts

If Bags Could Talk

For a while now I have been realizing that I was in desperate need of a new purse. My everyday purse has been following me around for a number of years (I actually don’t remember how many) and it has become somewhat of a biohazard. 147 more words

Life In General

What's in my bag

Okay…frivolous post.

As a girl, I always find these types of entries interesting. 1) because let’s face, women are nosy creatures, 2) I love bags, and 3) I wonder how everyone organizes their stuff. 139 more words


Weekly Obsession: peekaboo!

The advent of the internet and affordable recording devices has resulted in widespread sharing (some might say oversharing) of one’s life over the web.

Like many (at least, judging by the view counts on Youtube), I’m inexplicably a big fan of taking authorised, non-pervy peeks into the lives of random strangers (a sentence I realise has no way of not coming off slightly skeevy-sounding, unfortunately). 363 more words

Weekly Obsessions

Sac à main et ses trésors

Qu’est ce qu’il y a dans mon sac à main (aka ‘What’s in my purse/bag?’ tag)

Mon sac à main est comme ma bouée de sauvetage, c’est ma 4e dimension personnelle. 573 more words