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What's in my bag?!

Hi Loves!

So I’ve been MIA for a little but I’m back with another video. I love watching everyone else’s “What’s in my Bag” videos so I figured I’d make my own :) I hope you enjoy and subscribe to me on youtube if you’d like!




What's in my New York Purse

1. The Purse. What holds everything. I bought this bag before I came to New York specifically for the trip. There’s always a reason to buy a new bag. 187 more words


If I Were in Us Weekly...Here's What It Would Look Like

What’s in My Bag?

“I Can’t Find Shit in Here!”

Anne Niederkorn, 41, empties her purse for Us

“I have been known to hold up convenience store lines because I can’t find my debit card,” confesses the business analyst. 337 more words


Traveling Light... What's in my bag this summer.

I’m a notorious carrier of what my other half refers to as ‘inordinately large’ bags but I’m a firm believer that one day that kitchen sink WILL save the day so it is very rare that you’ll find me leaving the house without a sizeable bag. 515 more words


what's in my bag?


I absolutely love this bag from animal. It’s the perfect size for day to day and has some lovely big pockets inside too.  

My home life diary which goes everywhere with me, it tells me when and where I’m working, who I’m meeting for dinner and has everyones birthdays already inside. 251 more words

What's in my bag

So it’s miserable, storms are crashing through Essex and I don’t feel like doing an outfit post, so I thought I’d do a what’s in my bag post as they tend to be popular and we all like a nose, don’t we? 74 more words


What's in my bag?!

Hey Lovelies, it’s quite rare to see me without my bucket bag from ASOS, jam-packed full of the normal things like a phone and purse, but then everything else! 314 more words