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Sentiments vs. Objectivity

One is said to be Heart our emotional center where the term “humanity” gets its credence, where we make decision out of love, care and for want of a better word, Heart and the other to be the Head that makes rational decisions and great choices. 375 more words

What's The Difference

Social Democracy and Socialism

This is always a bit of a surprise to those who believe Obama, Sweden are, or the Soviet Union were, socialist. They aren’t/weren’t. (Mostly. I’ll talk about the Soviet Union more later. 297 more words


Preaching and Teaching…What's the Difference?

I was chatting with a friend the other day. She is about to preach her first message at church. While preaching is a new thing for her, she is a gifted teacher who has been teaching in the church for years. 585 more words