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Me, No Sugar

Hashtag!!!!! 2 weeks done, and as I coast into week 3 of this mammoth challenge i can honestly say it is actually not too bad. yes, i’ve had days when i could have eaten an entire bag of jellies or my favorite apple slices…but i’ve not given in to temptation….yet! 146 more words

What's The Skinny?

Wish List

another day of sugar-free done n dusted…….challenge no.2 – tomorrow nights double birthday dinner – what do i do when the dessert menu comes out??? run, scream, hide, all 3???? 18 more words

What's The Skinny?

Sweets for my Sweet

day 2 and i’m already finding the challenge tough. it is usually around this time that i would be having some chocolate or a cookie with my tea, which, i’d be drinking with honey…it’s that moment when the harsh realization that i do indeed consume WAAAAYYYYY too much sweet-stuff comes to light…..only 29 more days to go…..

i will do this


What's The Skinny?

On Your Marks......

i’ve been a little quiet this last week – quiet but not completely off the radar!

so, here’s whatsupp……the gang over at Franks Brothers CrossFit in New Zealand are doing a… 140 more words

What's The Skinny?

The Right Words

heeeeyyyyyyy! sometimes i am stopped in my tracks by simplicity, and none is more true of this quote that i found on Pinterest yesterday – naturally i pinned it, and today, i’m sharing it.

image cred: popchix

and really, there is not much else to say {easier said, than felt, i know}…..except, let it sink in……


What's The Skinny?

there’s another gruelling boxing class lined up for tonight at the Shinobi Academy







game-face??? yep, we’re good to go…

What's The Skinny?