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Wheat Berries: There's a new grain in town


Wheat berries…. what?

Wheat berries are a super great way to trade processed grains for ones that are less refined. They don’t sacrifice on taste and they are really healthy. 248 more words

"Jeruselum" Wheat Berries with Pomegranate Syrup and Soft Boiled Egg

“Jeruselum” Wheat Berries with Pomegranate Syrup and Soft Boiled Egg

Warm Black-eyed Pea-Spinach Wheat Berry Salad

It’s been a kooky few months for me. I’ve been really busy cooking and photographing my food for volume two of my revised cookbook, now called… 351 more words

Simple and Healthy: Try some Wheat Berries by Guest Blogger Michele Muth

I love to read blogs, and I love reading about food, so I am always finding out about uncommon food items that pack an extra punch in your diet. 514 more words

Food Fridays

My Third Loaf

For my third loaf I made Sprouted Wheat Bread with no Flour. (I halved the recipe because I only had about three cups of wheat berries on hand and I really only wanted one loaf.) I have been interested in sprouted grain breads ever since learning that they can be more nutritious because sprouted grains neutralize phytic acid, which inhibits the absorption of minerals from the grains. 782 more words

Food Series

Apple and Wheat Berry Salad

Doesn’t this salad look interesting and delicious?

I thought so.

However, I cannot follow recipes, it seems.

I did not have pumpkin seeds…but I had sunflower kernels!   401 more words


Ancient Grains for Breakfast, Wheat Berries Recipe

Ancient Grains for Breakfast

I had already decided that this week I would play around with breakfast grains when I noticed that food manufacturers are also coming up with new ideas. 761 more words