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Bliss Balls

I hate to admit it but these might actually be reasonably healthy!

Raw ingredients and coconut oil make these little mouthfuls of deliciousness, and, did I mention, gluten free, dairy free and egg free, a winning recipe! 99 more words

Kid Friendly

Rich and Creamy Baked Ricotta with Thyme

Now, I know this doesn’t look too tempting! However, it is delicious and reminds me of nursery style comfort food.

A great way to use up leftover egg yolks, mine are from making my meringues, recipe in the blog, this can be made a day ahead and sits quite happily in the fridge in the loaf tin with some plastic wrap over it. 165 more words

Gluten Free

Have a Healthy, Happy Christmas!

My poor blog! I can’t believe that since I started my new job seven weeks ago – and with Christmas on the way – my beloved blog has been very much neglected. 506 more words

Dairy Free

Green Kitchen Travels

Click on image to go to website.

App available for iPhone / iPad.

Vegan Nut and Seed Bread (no flour,no eggs, no dairy and no corn!) (p50) 75 more words

Main Meal

Don't Go Breakin' My Heart

Let’s talk about artichoke hearts. When I initially tasted them, I thought, no way! However, I’ve come to appreciate their flavor. I thought the same thing about mushrooms, as well. 118 more words


Banana Pancakes

Pancakes are great!  You can have them with the traditional lemon and sugar, go kooky and have some bacon and maple syrup or you can just have them with whatever you fancy.   290 more words


Pumpkin and Spinach Riscotta Balls

You might be asking what Riscotta balls are?  I decided to mix risotto with ricotta cheese and came up with the name Riscotta.  They’re inspired by Arancini balls which are usually filled with parmesan cheese.  244 more words

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