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No-Bake Lunch

In a time-honored tradition (this is year 2), every year on Good Friday, my dear friend Lyd and I get together with our children to share in the spiritual experience of egg decorating, preceded by food, of course. 491 more words

Ad-Bominations: Wheat Thins and Rapid Advance

While watching TV a few nights ago, I saw the stupidest ad I’ve seen in a long time.

Wheat Thins has a new Wheat Thins Popped item that supposed to be lighter–or less substantial–than a regular Wheat Thin. 139 more words


This Wheat Thins Commercial Ripped Off 'Human Giant', Rob Huebel And Paul Scheer Demand Satisfaction

Via YouTube

Earlier today, Rob Huebel lobbed a PRETTY scathing accusation at Wheat Thins on Twitter, after noticing that a new Wheat Thins commercial bears more than a passing resemblance to a sketch… 192 more words

Web Culture

A Comment and Maybe a Plan(?)

Today in class, we started heavy work on our next project, the food essay. To be honest, I have no idea what I am going to do. 170 more words


Liz's Famous Chicken Salad

Ok, so it is only famous to my old coworkers, but that has to count for something. Right? I have seen chicken salad made so many different ways, and they always consisted of celery. 224 more words


I'm Convinced !

Just thought I’d share this:

I’m 100% totally convinced that CapriSun drinks and Wheat Thins are laced with crack or some other addictive drug. I just devoured half a box while sitting at my desk AND drank 3 CapriSun pouches in literally 2.5 minutes. Savage.

Did Somebody Say Wheat Thins?

We don’t eat a lot of crackers, but when we do, we always eat Wheat Thins. Or we used to. They were a staple in our pantry and, much likeĀ  493 more words

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