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Then I Went to Wheaton

Eighteen days ago I packed up my car and drove away from the only city I’ve ever called home. I was offered a job working in the Chaplain’s Office at Wheaton College, so I live here now. 574 more words

College Christians Strike Back

Do evangelical Protestants need to boycott pluralist universities? That’s the plan this morning from Joe Carter at the Acton Institute.  To those aware of the longer history of conservative Christianity and higher education, this sounds like déjà vu all over again. 642 more words

Higher (Power) Education

Christ-Centered Schools with the Highest Yield

Yield represents the percent of admitted students who decided to enroll at that school.  For example, let’s say that 1,000 prospective students were admitted into Featherstone College.   195 more words


The 7 Best Things About Wheaton College

To celebrate being here for about a month now, I decided to compile a list of the best things about my school. So, drum roll please… 476 more words


Grief and Gratitude (Originally posted 9/11/12)

The remembering is so hard, the loss of so many, and for me one in particular who is still so dear.
A few years before 9/11 I lost two friends in a car accident. 137 more words

Parchment's Top Ten Christ-Centered Schools

Following up from our discussion last week.  We decided to determine the top ten Christ-centered schools based on Parchment.com’s college rankings.  Parchment’s rankings are based on a database of voluntary responses from prospective students who log in to their website and provide them information on the schools they applied to, the schools they were accepted into, and ultimately the school the student selected.   115 more words


Reorientation, Adjusting to Wheaton College

My first year at Wheaton College came with great expectations, and thus far has not ceased to meet said expectations. Between delicious meals at Saga, the occasional class, and various pick-up basketball games, I have met numerous people from incredibly diverse backgrounds. 470 more words

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