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The rockets have stopped, but I'm still expecting incoming

I had a really bad night, and when the time came to get up to go to the amusement park today, I honesty questioned whether my going wouldn’t just be a huge drag on everyone. 1,047 more words



My wheel-chair is expected to be operational some time this coming Friday!!!! I’m praising the Lord, hugely!!

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Great State: Snow Cone Stand Owner Has Tasted All the Flavors in Life

OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA — Jake Hunter handles his business in a white trailer on the corner of 178th Street and MacArthur Boulevard.

He is the owner and proprietor of Country Snow, a snow cone stand open after school through the rush hour for thirsty folks who want to hold onto summer for just a little while longer. 350 more words


Too tired and then some

It’s really late and I can’t write much. I’ve been extra-overwhelmed. While we are living through the latest ceasefire we dash around trying to get things done knowing that in another few days all hell could break loose again. 397 more words


Dancing on Air

I loved watching Fred and Ginger dance.
Late at night I would watch old movies
waiting for the impressive scene
with the big dance number… 191 more words

Tasmanian Tribe

Increíble Hombre Roba Joyería En Silla De Ruedas (Video)

Era un dia normal en esta joyería ….hasta que entro un hombre en silla de ruedas, se midió un reloj, y SALIO CORRIENDO! Te aseguro que ninguno de los empleados se esperaba lo sucedido… mira el video:


A Symphony of Sounds

When you are confined to a small cubicle in a hospital room you develop your hearing senses. Bells ding, wheels whir and after a while you begin to recognize the various sounds. 511 more words