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New Bowen tutorial... Wheel of Fortune

Only played this game a handful of times and I never knew what the hell  was going on. This tutorial doesn’t explain it all but now I at least know the basics. 10 more words

Tarot Hero’s Journey: Wheel of Fortune

The next step on our journey to awakening is the Wheel of Fortune. The card shows a wheel surrounded by strange figures. On top of the wheel sits a sphinx holding a sword, while a serpent and a representation of Anubis move around the wheel. 422 more words


"Crumbs" a short story

Last August, as part of a writing exercise while riding a plane to Portland, I started this story.  11 months later, I finished my first short story since around 2005.   38 more words

Joy Behar likens Sarah Palin to Vanna White, basically

Forget co-hosting a talk show like The View. Sarah Palin is better suited to co-hosting a game show like Wheel of Fortune, according to the always acerbic Joy Behar, who told… 71 more words


Vanna White and Pat Sajak Autograph by Email

What I got: 8×10 photo signed by Vanna White and Pat Sajak

Contact them here

If you’re a fan, contact them and say so. Then say that it would mean a lot to you if you had their autograph.


Big Farm Update - July 14th - Wheel of fortune 2.0

Hello everyone, do you feel bored when just spinning the same old wheel, do not worry, a lot of new features will make it more exciting: 408 more words


Olga's Tablecloth

My grandmother made this small tablecloth years ago.  I inherited it, and I love it.  I wish it was in good condition, it is old and stained, the bright sun today makes it look better than it is, hiding its imperfections.  499 more words

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