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The sun whirls on its axis

As I tumble through this cycle

Of penitence and fury,

I’d cast out the jury,

Send them mad,

Hold their sanity… 20 more words


#LMAO... Wheel of Fortune College week student goes down in flames lol

this is sad and hard to watch lol!! I hope he is ok because this shit is embarrassing. #PoorBaby

Your Destiny...?

The wheel of life is always spinning, up and down, up and down. Whether we like it or not, the world would just keeping on moving. 44 more words

New Card, New Saga

Hi Internet,

First of all, I’d like to thanks the slow accumulating followers and likes for me posts. You guys are awesome regardless of the reasons… 502 more words

LOLThursday: Worst "Wheel of Fortune" contestant makes viewers cringe

By Ann Singer, Staff Writer

Is it possible to be one of the worst “Wheel of Fortune” contestants ever while bringing shame to all college kids around the nation? 185 more words


Westfield Resident Wins $85,849 Last Night on Wheel of Fortune!

Westfield resident, Lauren Fairfax, appeared on Wheel of Fortune last night!  Lauren not only appeared on the show last night, but she absolutely dominated winning $85,849!  111 more words

The 317

Guy On Wheel Of Fortune Has 3 Awful Answers But Still Gets It Done

How about Julian huh? The guy can’t pronounce Achilles properly, guesses car under a person category and guesses on the spot dice spin? I can’t even explain how he came to any of those answers. 75 more words