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Mabon 2014

Celebrating Mabon this year with a little trip to the country.

This is perhaps the most well-placed rocking chair I have ever sat in.

The cat and I had a moment.  60 more words


Pagan Pride 2014

I spent this week getting ready for my very first show at Pagan Pride.  Here’s a sneak peak.

Scrying mirrors.

I had fun pick a color palette this year. 57 more words


Full Moon Shenanigans

It’s the Vine Moon, and I am working with some grapevines tonight for some nefarious deeds. Ok… not so nefarious, but some thing for which I would like a little magical boost for. 106 more words

Magic & Ritual

Taking a vacation from a vacation while on vacation

As this week – my first paid vacation week in almost exactly a year – winds to a close, we simultaneously bear down on Lammas, which marks the transition from the heart of summer to the earliest incarnations of the harvest. 923 more words


Celebration Today

Yesterday was Damien’s first day of school. We had some problems, but once we got out of the house, he did amazing. He is responding well to his medication, so far – he has only been on it since Saturday, but we can all see that he is not turning into a zombie like some people feared he would. 577 more words


Lammas List

So, after doing some research I came up with some concepts for what my family is going to do for Lammas, on August 7th. They are simple, and even though our family is very simple, I feel like a lot of people who follow a similar path would find these things too mundane for their liking. 175 more words



So, it is Lammas, the time of the first harvest. The first week of the month is always the hardest on my family, food wise. Yes, we receive nutritional assistance from the state – I am not ashamed of that. 510 more words