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Cup of Dcaf: Juggling Viewpoint Characters

As I undertake my Wheel of Time Reread, the topic of viewpoint characters has been on my mind. In The Eye of the World… 368 more words


Book Review: New Spring - Robert Jordan

The Wheel of Time book series is hands down my favourite series. While these books aren’t on my reading list, every now and then I find myself needing to revisit them and read the series again. 318 more words


Drew's Wheel of Time Reread - The Eye of the World Part 1

Welcome to Drew’s Wheel of Time Re-read! Today I’ll be covering Part One of The Eye of the World, from the prologue to Shadar Logoth. 1,065 more words


Drew's Wheel of Time Reread - Introduction

I’m doing a Wheel of Time reread! For those who know me personally, you know how I feel about this series; for those who don’t, WoT is a formative series in my life and is the main reason I became a writer. 474 more words


Pondering a game after almost 2 decades

This is just a bit of a ramble from a soon-to-be-40-year-old who is getting the itch to run an RPG.

So the kids want to play D&D. 955 more words


Book #45: The Way of Kings

Certain books I try to avoid. Books like The Wheel of Time series are on this list. I must admit that my distaste for this style of books was in part due to the enormous length of the series. 803 more words


The Lord of Chaos by Robert Jordan

Lord of Chaos is book six of The Wheel of Time series. Mired in bloviated description, it plods for 986 pages only to end in a rushed battle scene and a confusing epilogue that begs more questions than it answers. 333 more words