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Re-reading WOT: The Great Hunt

I quite enjoyed re-reading this book. Lots of fun world building, a scary new society (Seanchan) with too many rules trying to take over, Whitecloaks with also too many rules trying to oppose them. 1,446 more words

Day Three: Posting Gaps and How I Read

First off, let me explain the gaps in my posting. If I miss a day it’s usually because I work nights and the day’s posting is written at like 4AM during the same period of consciousness that would have constituted the day before. 323 more words

Trollocs Nominated for Cosplay at 2014 Geekie Awards

The Trollocs are coming!

Well… not really.

None of the Trollocs can afford the airfare to Hollywood for the 2014 Geekie Awards show…BUT we will be there in spirit! 517 more words


Divine Intervention or Coincidence?

By Derek Jordan

How often are works of the Lord attributed to chance and circumstance? How often is it the other way around?

A bus, commonly used by a person, is missed and this person is now forced to find another route. 834 more words


Everything Means Something

So I’m reading The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan/Brandon Sanderson. (By the way, AMAZING books.) I’ve read 1 – 5 I think before, but it has been years so I restarted at one again after buying the first… six I think. 337 more words

Writing Lessons

At last! The end has been reached...

So was it worth the wait, the many years that I have put into getting to the end of the Wheel of Time series?

I have had many complaints about this series regarding its length, the style and language and the plot and flow of the story itself so I found the 14th and final novel, 190 more words


Cool Or Cold

RPG philosophy time.

Everyone wants to do cool things. But, cool things are the results from player actions within given situations and dice rolls (or whatever resolution system the game uses). 1,402 more words