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You know nothing Jon Snow

Probably because he has not read the books.

*Activating smug mode*

I have. After all I was this cool before it was cool to be uncool. 222 more words


The Details Count

There is a reason that fantasy books are generally the among the largest on the shelf. When so much of the world is changed, but enough has to stay the same to make the reader relate, the more the better applies. 359 more words

Analyzation Index

Blue moons. Ages. Eons... and the Wheel of Time turns...

**The picture has absolutely nothing to do with the post, I just like the stockings

About two years ago I decided to try out the ombre hair trend (for those who don’t know, that is the half-half hair as I call it… usually dark at the top fading in to lighter ends…actually, the stockings above can be ombre stockings). 1,283 more words


Wheel of Time, Anglo-Saxon Mythology and the Tuatha De Danann

One of the most fundamental aspects of fantasy fiction is of course world-building, but I think it’s important to understand two things about the genre: 459 more words


A Memory of Light: Wheel of Time 14 - Brandon Sanderson/Robert Jordon

This book did not disappoint. Brandon Sanderson did well completing Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series. He tied up all loose ends and left no characters without closure. 206 more words


Wheel of Time (Suadarshan Chakra) Modified Sonnet


Are we altered by the carnage of time?

If we tacked life’s story board on the wall

Chronologically, from low to sublime

Would the difference appear minimal? 79 more words

Operation: History

This is going to be a long post. So you should have some free time to read this.

My first experiences with video juegos started with my uncle’s Sega Genesis (I should see how he’s doing…) and Duck Hunt. 887 more words