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Still trying to get better...

Here are a couple of my previous pieces…

2nd Piece Top

2nd Piece Bottom

3rd Piece Before

3rd Piece After

I was happy with these┬ábut it still was not enough for me because I had gotten help from the teacher while throwing… I know… I know… That’s why I am taking the class right? 495 more words


Production Pottery

The last project of the year in my ceramics class is to make a shared dinner set. Everyone in the class makes one piece of the set for everyone. 193 more words

Ceramics & Pottery

Pottery Classes

I have been going to pottery classes and am having a blast wheel throwing. While trying different things with glazes and putting feet on my pots I finally realized that I need to document on how I approach things. 288 more words


Microwave Popcorn maker in progress

This one has a different knob- I did that on purpose. ;-)
I cleaned up the decorative steam holes all up after I took these. I am hoping the patron I am doing this for likes them. Fingers crossed.


Experiment Glaze: ShotGoblet #2

Here’s the second one, you can see the the more blue-y area on the curve around the cup. Thats what happens when the Evens Red and the Rutile over lap. 19 more words

Experiment Glaze: ShotGoblet

The red is Evans red the top part is Rutile (not sure if that is how it’s spelled) the inside is Butter Milk white.
I have two of these, the second to show tomorrow. 32 more words

In progress photos

Today has been very productive so far. While firing my 04 gas reduction kiln I’ve been spending my time working on my large scale wheel thrown items. 161 more words