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Features of Bariatric Power Wheel Chairs

Bariatric Power Chairs are very popular for their design and effective uses. They are designed beautifully to attract people and offer the best service for the best outcome. 319 more words


Wheelchairs Aboard Airplanes

Most of society cannot understand the significance of being able to take one’s wheelchair aboard an airplane and remain in it throughout the flight. Although this may sound difficult or impossible to implement, other modes of transportation have already done so, including busses, airport shuttles, cars, and trains. 1,053 more words

Power Wheelchair

Just keep pushing!

I often get asked, “How do you stay so strong..”  “How do you keep going?”

To answer your questions: I melt down a fair amount… To be quite honest a lot more than I’d like to! 665 more words


The REE at the ROO 2014

Happy Monday Everyone! Access was at the REE..yippee! We had a blast pressure mapping people, mingling with OTs, students, clients, vendors and manufacturers.

That’s all for today folks! 1,384 more words

Scarlet - Mendez, Hernandez, Zinsmeyer, Pena

Hello, we are Karina Mendez, Brittany Hernandez, Rachel Zinsmeyer, and Savannah Pena, and we are seniors at the Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders. Through our Biomedical Design and Entrepreneurship class, we have founded Scarlet, a student-led company that wants to create a marketable and innovative wheelchair design for children from the ages four to seven years old. 421 more words


Stolen (part 4)

 HR Giger

I remember very little of my fourth birthday but where memory wanes I have comparison. My birthdays were always a spectacle though my preferences were seldom present in the presentation. 816 more words