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Just Got Around To Seeing This: Ariel Pink - Put Your Number In My Phone

A lot of blogs are lame. They post videos and things I’ve already seen yesterday. Instead of just posting stuff that’s been out there for a bit and pretending it’s new and kewl this little section is reserved for things that have already been out for a bit. 57 more words


What is the ZX-1Power Add-On?

Known to elicit oohs and ahhs everywhere, Spinergy’s ZX-1 is a power-add on device that attaches to manual wheelchairs. Basically, it is a like a little jet pack for your chair. 339 more words


Wheelchairs in Heaven

By Mark E. Smith

Every so often, a well-meaning soul of tremendous faith says to me, “You need not worry, there are no wheelchairs in Heaven.” 326 more words


From where do all those wheelchairs come?

ROCHESTER, Minn. (AP) — People in Minnesota’s “Med City” are noticing wheelchairs everywhere, and often in unusual surroundings like parking ramps and downtown sidewalks.

That’s probably not surprising in a town where Mayo Clinic is king, but the real riddle is how they end up all over the city with no users in sight.   72 more words

Local News

That sneaky Greg Abbott! Is this behind Wendy Davis' latest smear attempt?

Wendy Davis evidently believes that there’s a pretty good chance that her opponent Greg Abbott would vote to ban interracial marriage:

Greg Abbott won't say whether he'd defend an interracial marriage ban—troubling but not surprising from someone who defends a "poll tax."

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US Politics

Umar and his wheelchair.

Umar was the first classmate that I had that was on a wheelchair. I don’t know him much even after two years in the same class. 367 more words