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That sneaky Greg Abbott! Is this behind Wendy Davis' latest smear attempt?

Wendy Davis evidently believes that there’s a pretty good chance that her opponent Greg Abbott would vote to ban interracial marriage:

Greg Abbott won't say whether he'd defend an interracial marriage ban—troubling but not surprising from someone who defends a "poll tax."

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Umar and his wheelchair.

Umar was the first classmate that I had that was on a wheelchair. I don’t know him much even after two years in the same class. 367 more words


Introduction to Design (Scarlet) By Karina Mendez

Here’s the link to the opening video [vimeo
As stated in the video, after having just completed our first deliverable, which presented our mission and product (pediatric wheelchair) in the form of a memorandum, we are currently researching components of the wheelchair. 468 more words


Could you, Would you... Please?!?

I know I’ve been away a long time. I have some serious health problems, and this year it seems all of them have been raging, lol….Raging arthritis throughout my joints; Raging lupus symptoms (a lot like MS) keeping me on the floor (actually, in the bed) and interfering with my ability to think; and then RAGING lymphedema on top of it all. 568 more words

My Journey

'Now that's awesome!' What does Wendy Davis hate? This photo puts it in a perfect nutshell

Consider it done:

Two things Wendy Davis hates pic.twitter.com/VEVquYjM5R

— Ulysses E. McGill (@Just_a_Texan) October 10, 2014


@Just_a_Texan @TXSVIKING now that's awesome!

— john wayland (@johnwayland2) …

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Tuesday 7th Oct I seen the biologics nurse and the results of my latest bloods was not good and explains why I am getting worse, my ESR went from 38 to 53 she didn’t give me the CRP numbers but said my inflammation markers were dismal. 281 more words