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'When in Rome/ cum Romae'

Baby steps. Walk before you can run. Etc.

As part of my preparation for SEAD, I’ve made a personal pact with the Devil to try and scrape together what little German I have at my disposal and get back on the wagon to conquer it. 370 more words



So here I am suffering from the most dreadful layover that I know all travelers are familiar with.  No, it’s not the 4-10 hour wait in-between airports.   92 more words


Day 5: God's Manifested Grace

Soooo… this particular day was an INTERESTING day!! Classes started and in my first class, CARTOGRAPHY: the study and practice of making maps, our first assignment was to find our way, from a common starting point to our professor’s studio. 759 more words

When In Rome

When in Rome: An Expat Excuse for Thuggery

I love idioms as much as anyone, and use every opportunity during conversation to slip one in. Sometimes even without opportunity.

-How are you?

-In seventh heaven! 522 more words


"I don’t want a Relationship…Let’s Just ‘Chill’"…Here’s the Truth About Statements Like that…

source: en.wikipedia.org

“I don’t want a Relationship…Let’s Just ‘Chill’…”

Man, if I could count the number of times I heard a guy tell me a statement like that. 1,025 more words


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Day 4: Reverential Fear vs. the Spirit of Fear

Fear has it’s way of paralyzing us and keeping us trapped in a place of confusion and weakness. The spirit of fear it self is of the devil and is a tool he tries to use to stop us from doing Gods will for our lives. 434 more words

When In Rome

Callias, fr. 25 (Clement of Alexandria, Miscellanies 6.12.5)

“When among madmen, it is best to act completely mad.”

μετὰ μαινομένων φάσιν χρῆναι μαίνεσθαι πάντας ὁμοίως

When in Rome? Don’t hate the players hate the game? 22 more words