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Life may toss you some; life may pelt you with more. But they’re one of those pain in the butt, inescapable thing-you-have-to-deal-with that’s part and parcel of life… 1,601 more words

Nazima the Flying Vampire!

“I would love to be a flying vampire because I am a fan of vampire movies and I would love to fly around the world.” (Nazima Aldabekova)

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The day reality hit me (Monologue day 14)

September 17, 2014

So ya it happened. I was totally expecting it. somewhere amidst all the day dreaming, Reality hit me! :P

The problem is I don’t really know what I really really really wanna do in life. 195 more words

The day after the most awesomest day (Monologue day 5)

I have nothing today. But it was by far undoubtedly the worst day of my entire existence.

Still Shocked / stunned / surprised / confused, I don’t know. 146 more words

Samurai Swords and the iPod Shuffle ...

Walking to work with my iPod on the aforementioned ‘shuffle’ setting I was hit with a delightful juxtaposition or two.

First up it’s the Beatles with “Tomorrow Never Knows” and I’m staggered that a track that was recorded/released two years before I was born sounds so contemporary, so groundbreaking nearly fifty years later. 956 more words

Rambling On ...