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Where I Live

This post is going to end up sounding a bit like a rant. Because that’s all it is. I’m apologizing in advance.

But the place I live right now sucks. 1,111 more words

Sukie's Cake Shop, Karlsruhe

For years I’ve been saying that what Karlsruhe needs is a place that serves a proper cream team. In fact, I’ve often joked that if I ever felt like a career change I would open an English café. 498 more words

Life In Germany

Old times and two 30th anniversaries

For the 30th year, last weekend my hometown celebrated its “Palio”. It’s a tradition really loved by my fellow citizens, as well as tourists coming from all Italy and from abroad. 444 more words

A special day

It’s been a weird summer, I don’t even know  if we actually had a summer. On top of the bad weather it was also a matter of family issues if we had just one week off to relax and explore the world around us. 303 more words

Always ready to sit and eat....unfortunately!

Lately we had dinner out with friends and collegues so often….not that I complain, not at all. I mean, no dinner to plan, no dishes to wash after….but on the other hand….goodbye waist….. 19 more words

Too bad the rain...

It was one of those event you don’t want to miss…Well in advance we booked 4 seats even if they were really expensives, but it was a unique occasion and part of the proceeds went for charity to local organizations, so….The idea was born some time ago in the fertile mind of one of the most famous italian chef – with base just out of Parma – … 293 more words

A castle, a village and a fancy dinner

About three weeks ago with our friends R&M, we drove to the hills to a village called Compiano, where we had a special dinner booked. The village is best known in the area for a very nice (and expensive) retirement home, but most of all for its beautiful castle. 673 more words