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Thank God I'm a country boy

Or in this case, thank God we are a bunch of country folks! A few years ago hubby got a new collegue. It was liking at first glance, both football lovers, both die-hard bikers, almost the same age and background….after a while they arranged a date with the wives. 305 more words

Food Valley

From the Academia Barilla presentation:

Located between the pointed peaks of the Alps and the green slopes of the Apennines, there is a vast plain created by the gentle waters of the great Po River, the largest in Italy. 554 more words

Bloorcourt!!! New Date! Saturday September Sixth!

My first Bloorcourt! I’ll be right next door to RCBoisjoli Ceramics. Come visit!


A few days in the mountains - Part 5

The last day we were tired of ups and down, so we decided to discover the area near our hotel. First stop was the Castle of Andraz… 1,358 more words

A few days in the mountains - Part 4

Another stunning view we enjoyed was from the top of the Giau Pass……and the ascent wasn’t bad either….

The Giau Pass is known as one of the most beautiful Dolomites passes. 988 more words

A few days in the mountains – Part 3

One day we thought it was time we paid tribute, if only for our friend S. who lost three family members there.

Longarone is now a neat and clean little village on the banks of the river Piave. 1,648 more words

A few days in the mountains – Part 2

From Arabba, if you choose the other road, you can drive up to the Falzarego Pass.

The Falzarego Pass stands at  2.117 mt of altitude and it mainly connects Andráz and Cortina d’Ampezzo. 633 more words