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A few days in the mountains - Part 4

Another stunning view we enjoyed was from the top of the Giau Pass……and the ascent wasn’t bad either….

The Giau Pass is known as one of the most beautiful Dolomites passes. 988 more words

A few days in the mountains – Part 3

One day we thought it was time we paid tribute, if only for our friend S. who lost three family members there.

Longarone is now a neat and clean little village on the banks of the river Piave. 1,648 more words

A few days in the mountains – Part 2

From Arabba, if you choose the other road, you can drive up to the Falzarego Pass.

The Falzarego Pass stands at  2.117 mt of altitude and it mainly connects Andráz and Cortina d’Ampezzo. 633 more words

Fancy on Wellington

If you find yourself walking along Wellington Street, east of Yonge, keep an eye out for my pup Fancy! She’s out taking a walk along the hoarding around a new residential development in Toronto, called 88 Scott Street, at the corner of Wellington and Scott. 13 more words


A few days in the mountains - Part 1


This summer (though I wonder if we indeed had a summer…..) our vacation was limited to a few days not so far from home. My mil conditions are worsening very fast and even if she has a care woman living with her, and our daughter was home, we were unconfortable with being too far for too long….We had a very hard time finding the right destination because everywhere the forecast were so bad and when we decided which place, we had to re-think about going on bike, it would have been too much driving up the mountains under the rain and with that cold….Our “base camp” was the village of Arabba, in the North of the region veneto, under the Alps…..to reach it we had to drive along the… 968 more words

Ravenna - Battistero

We had just one thing left………after lunch we walked through the center of Ravenna till the the Neonian Baptistery (Battistero Neoniano, also known as the… 520 more words

Ravenna - Galla Placidia

It was a little late but we decided to postpone lunch and visit first the Mausoleum of Galla Placidia, located in the backyard of San Vitale Basilica. 1,385 more words