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Always ready to sit and eat....unfortunately!

Lately we had dinner out with friends and collegues so often….not that I complain, not at all. I mean, no dinner to plan, no dishes to wash after….but on the other hand….goodbye waist….. 19 more words

Too bad the rain...

It was one of those event you don’t want to miss…Well in advance we booked 4 seats even if they were really expensives, but it was a unique occasion and part of the proceeds went for charity to local organizations, so….The idea was born some time ago in the fertile mind of one of the most famous italian chef – with base just out of Parma – … 293 more words

A castle, a village and a fancy dinner

About three weeks ago with our friends R&M, we drove to the hills to a village called Compiano, where we had a special dinner booked. The village is best known in the area for a very nice (and expensive) retirement home, but most of all for its beautiful castle. 673 more words

Summer nights

On wednesdays and fridays, my hometown becames an open living room….especially in summer, shops are open till very late, restaurants and bars have tables and chairs on the streets closed to traffic, there are music and concerts free and for all ……..people just walk around, sitting everywhere (especially young ones) eating and drinking while walking, to and fro every corners in the city center, meeting up with friends and just being part of a huge street party… 190 more words

Outside drinking in Geneva.

Good on the Geneva council for trying to stop drinking outside on Rue de L’Ecole de Medecine. It’s horrible living next to groups of people getting pissed and being dicks. 369 more words


A typical saturday

I think every person has some sort of routine in everyday life, some things you have to do and some you want to. Some places that are like a second home or at least places where you feel comfortable. 723 more words

Palatina Library

The Biblioteca Palatina (also known as Reale Biblioteca Parmense, Biblioteca Nazionale, Bibliothèque Imperiale, Bibliothèque de la Ville de Parme, Biblioteca Ducale, Biblioteca Nazionale.) was founded on 1st August 1761 when by decree Philip of Bourbon, Duke of Parma, Piacenza and Guastalla appointed Paolo Maria Paciaudi “Antiquarian and   Librarian’. 1,584 more words