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Small is good. My powers are able to slip right through the cracks.

-Max from Where the Wild Things Are


You don’t have to be big to be great, you know.


Wild Things

I successfully carried out my first party-planning venture!  My client’s little boy was turning one.  She gave me full creative control, so I decided to throw a Where the Wild Things Are party!   434 more words


TMLFYI... | A Pathway

I wanted your room to be magical, little one. I wanted it to conjure up excitement, and energy, and inspiration, and happiness. I wanted you to enter your room and feel happy. 142 more words


Never lose the Innocence

In this big world of ours, there are many issues that need to be addressed. As much as I would love to address them all, I just want to address one today. 428 more words


MONDO To Release Jaws Poster By Cesar Moreno & Where The Wild Things Are Poster By Nicolas Delort On April 17, 2014

 Tomorrow MONDO will release a Jaws poster by Cesar Moreno and a Where The Wild Things Are poster by Nicolas Delort. Please follow MONDO on Twitter for the on sale announcement. 42 more words


Maurice Sendak: My Hero

Try 3 different searches for varying types of multimedia information on the Web by using a search engine of your choice.  Report your challenges and successes to the class. 155 more words


In Where the Wild Things Are, Maurice Sendak told the story of a young boy named Max. Dressed as a wolf, Max misbehaved and was sent to his room. 425 more words