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When? Where?

Meditating by the water a cool breeze blew this leaf towards me. Both were not-so-subtle reminders that autumn is fast approaching. What was more powerful however was how this decaying leaf, separated from its source of life, refocused my breath with the remembrance of how quickly the seasons and cycles of a lifetime pass. 223 more words

Sad conclusion...

I just finished next of many days in my new job. Going to home with the one of the last busses…a little bit sleepy but still having few thoughts on my mind keeping me in wide open state of mind. 89 more words


Don't Fear the Questions

I’ve recently completed a book called Socrates Café by Christopher Phillips. If you don’t know of Socrates already, he is a Greek philosopher of past. He is the center player in the Socratic Method which aims to create answers by asking loads of questions. 435 more words


The problem may not be where you’re going, but how to get there.