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Where is Allah?

“The Most Merciful rose above the throne.” –

“Do you feel secure that He, Who is over the heaven (Allah), will not cause the earth to sink with you, then behold it shakes (as in an earthquake)?” 2,803 more words


DrinkPure Filtration Gadget Brings Potable Water Where Required by Interior Design Easy

jul 29, 2014
DrinkPure filtration device brings potable water the place essential

drinkPure water filtration device brings potable water in which neededphoto by ETH zürich… 37 more words

Tattoos! yay or nay?

Thinking about getting this tattoo on my rib/back area.



it won’t be huge. I’m thinking slightly bigger than this wrist one I saw on instagram.

LaBoracay 2014

I am not dying to go to the beach. I don’t get the charm of sand on my hair (I don’t like sand, especially on my hair) and a sun-kissed skin. 1,805 more words


Malate Finds: Dakota Cafe X Caffeina X Oarhouse Pub

There’s still a lot of places to discover around Malate. Though it’s just a sad relic of what it used to be during its heydays, this district of Manila is still beloved to me and I will probably never get tired of walking its streets even after the Korean restaurants close and turn into other establishments that will cater to the future foreigners who will come and take over this place. 762 more words


Roadtrips are made of these (part 2)

1. Traffic jams caused by unexpected float parades for the Palarong Pambansa 2014 Opening Ceremony held in Laguna. Which reminded me, the National Schools Press Conference I joined when I was in elementary was also held in the province! 1,041 more words



Where life doesn’t exist,
Where leaves whither away,
Where flowers are dull,
Where trees are crooked,
Where ocean dries up,
Where sky ends…
Where wind fears to blow,

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