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Too Tired To Talk: How To Deal With Sleep Deprivation

Please excuse everything I write in this post— I’ve just survived that horror that is the final examination period and am miserably tired. (Unfortunately I can’t go to sleep because it’s four in the afternoon and my parents are convinced that people who have strange sleep patterns are definitely, unquestionably, on drugs.) 606 more words

Doing two things at once

Word of the week: yī biān

In this fast-paced world don’t we all live a multi-task life style? Describing two things that are undertaken at the same time in Chinese might be a challenge if you don’t know what sentence pattern to use. 183 more words

Word Of The Week

further while

caught a glimpse of the first

moment and it sees the battle

who and when did ever ask

and where it was the balance of the bounce… 43 more words


Why Not Take a Walk on the “While” Side?

I like the language of the “while” loop because it verges on real-life, commonsense English.  After all, we run these kind of loops all the time in our daily lives.   350 more words


talk while sleep

bow down in the dark

pray and drink water

as it was the soul

to keep

rest in peace

and arrive back in the universe… 73 more words


LOOPING (For,While,Do-While)

Looping merupakan perulangan.Proses tersebut akan berjenti jika telah mencapai nilai tertentu atau kondisi sudah tidak terpenuhi lagi.pada c# ada 3 macam perulangan yaitu for,while,do-while

1.FOR… 178 more words