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Happy Bestivous Week Of Poetry .. While Waiting.

Waiting to be a potent version of me . Waiting to feel emotionally unleashed and free ! Look into my eyes and read my lips . 160 more words

run while talking

how the feet and the mind

are suddenly twins

and  they  each look to charm

and neither want to create

any harm

as if it was the path… 44 more words


c++ recursion without if, or if related statements (switch, while, for, ?:, etc.) [on hold]

I need to do a recursion exit condition without if, or if related. To be clear I can only use basic language. No functions, no functionpointers, nothing. 115 more words


Control Flow

For in loop

Syntax: for variable in collection{}


var myArray =
for number in myArray{

For loop

In addition the for loop, the traditional for loop is also supported.

100 more words

Dealing with wedding stress in the family while planning your big day

Dealing with wedding ceremony stress within the household whereas planning your huge day could be fairly a standard prevalence. Mixing a as soon as-in-a-lifetime occasion, massive budgets and intense feelings can throw up a number of points! 436 more words