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ghastly rhyme

Me thinks I am a contrarian
A non-complierarian.
Flash fiction is fiction but no where near flash
Not in a few words that zing by really fast. 58 more words


Can I Have Some Morphine Now?

Let’s talk about adjectives medical people use. Descriptions should be standardized! For example, I have heard doctors tell people going in for abdominal surgery that they may experience some discomfort and to take Tylenol as needed. 189 more words


MCing Minecraft, and why it's fun.

Or to put it in simpler terms: Minecraft Commentaries and a couple reasons why I enjoy them.

Before I get started, let me just say one thing: if you have an accent, I will most likely watch your video for a longer period of time than a video of equal quality delivered in a normal voice. 237 more words


Cheese Biscuit, Please!

For the first part of my growing up years, we always had Sunday dinner at B’s house. (B is what I called my grandmother. Her name was Isabelle but my granddaddy called her Bell. 174 more words


Let the Scarecrows Dance

At twilight I went for a walk on Hallowed eve.

Seams in the pavement slipped under my steps

as I passed shaded houses

tucked in blankets of grass. 306 more words

Happy Halloween

Vintage Halloween Cards

These days, it seems Halloween is all about parties and/or seeing how much candy you can accumulate in one night (and it’s corollary – how sick you can be the following morning…if you make it that long). 290 more words

A Little Bit Of History

Hmm . . . feathers. Tasty!

Ha! Ha! Listen to what happened a little while ago when I took Reba on a walk. (Reba is my rescued doggie who looks like an Australian Shepherd with short legs.) Usually, she stays beside me or in front of me. 277 more words