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Whimsy is _____

Whimsy is acting like children in the hotel pool at 10pm. :)


On the concept of Food Banks...

I say – jolly good show, old chaps!

Ah, the Daily Mail.  Such a shining beacon of virtue, wisdom and kind-heartedness.  You’ll never guess what they’ve done now… 179 more words


What makes it spring?

Not every young man would choose this way, however Aunt Serendipity knows the river and the techniques…The boy is 6’3″, this is no small fish. 68 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top

These two guys live next to the Walpole Bay Hotel in Margate.

The hotel is a living museum; and is  a very different experience – especially if you’re used to modern hotels. 59 more words


Million Dollar Idea - Sunday Photo Fiction

He sat on the warm sand of the beach thinking about where he would make his next million. He stared off in the distance watching the sun sparkle off the surface of the ocean. 195 more words



I wanted to get this finished and posted while it’s so apropos to the weather outside. I’m really having a good time working in this new style. 59 more words



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