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Nuptial Flight of the Queens

This morning I was very lucky to catch new queen ants taking flight! It is called the nuptial flight. The virgin queens meet up with males, mate and then start their own colony somewhere else! 232 more words


Book Soundtrack: Lady Oren and the Raider

“I feel like a romance is going to happen between these two… it seems a bit obvious.” ~ One of the first comments I received in response to “Lady Oren and the Raider.”  202 more words

Bee Sculptures

Bee Sculptures

      I thought I would introduce you to some of my summertime friends this week. Here are my bumblebee sculptures made with wood and metal. 53 more words


Knitting in Ireland

My August blogging has been rather sparse (or non-existent) due to traveling for work and play.  The spouse and I thoroughly enjoyed a 10-day trip to Ireland – what a beautiful country, wonderfully nice people, and rich history! 73 more words


Saved by the Bell or Dobie Gillis?


How could anyone be shocked by the shenanigans behind the scenes of the 1990s TV series Saved by the Bell? After all, actors being actors likely meant drugs, sex, and scandal. 259 more words

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A Spot Of Whimsy - I Must Learn From The Cow

Look carefully at the picture, and you will see a cow contentedly chewing the cud in a field near my son’s school. Now, I had intended to get back to writing some serious (very serious) stuff about leadership, sustainability, education and nutrition, but I got side tracked by the cow. 240 more words