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Melancholic Musings

I’m not one of those
who goes
travelling for fun.

I would rather sit home
than roam
under the sun.

Time, dissolve like a mist
so this
can be done.

Random Moments

I'm no graphic artist.....Ohh Deer

For no apparent reason and on a whim, from time to time, I enter illustration competitions.  They’re not really me as they feel a little like a popularity contest but I love the products at… 110 more words

Hampton Ferry


An ancient tale

Will travel between the banks

Of England’s most famous river

And here, at Hampton

The ferryman still plys his trade

Oblivious to ghosts and superstition… 50 more words

Poems And Images

"An interesting picture"©

People can make the claim something might be interesting… but can they follow through with it as often as you heard it before? The proof is in the pudding, they say… so here’s a spoon! 91 more words


When Whimsy Took FLight III

Part III:Night at a nondescript guest house in Pathankot

It’s no good

And I am not talking of just Pathankot here. Pathankot is like any other city that is built at the cusp or foothills of a mountain range: by itself it has scant tourist attractions but it stands as the passage to a flurry of avenues. 558 more words