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Random moments of panic when I think of all the things I so genuinely wanted/wanted to do but didn’t go ahead with and all these wasted opportunities and unfulfilled promises and instances of cowardice and lack of commitment. 90 more words


Idiots Always Need a Reason to Whine

People need to stop whining about the new U2 album that was uploaded to their iPhones for FREE! How is it we live in a world where people are now complaining about free stuff? 76 more words


Follow up to "I quit"

Really, what does that mean? What would I be “quitting”?

My job I currently have that I accepted all the responsibility for? Nope, can’t do that.  236 more words


Whine, Whine, and more Whine.....do I want some cheese with that??

Okay so I have been on a little pity party for myself. Life is just crazy right now…I mean CRAZY BUT it could totally be A LOT WORSE! 212 more words

My Daily Spill

Cancer Lesson #??" Everything Has Side Effects

Cancer Lesson #??: Everything has side effects

Let me be clear. I’m very, very glad to be here.

And as side effects go, gaining a few pounds is a trifle, an infinitesimal detail scarcely worth mentioning. 245 more words


I needa figure out some actual good titles for my posts

Third day since my best friend told me something i wish i never read, and i still feel like crap, though sleeping seems to have made me feel better. 512 more words


Musings: the Simple Life

I am generally good at following my dreams and being happy. In my humble opinion, those are some very good things to be good at. It’s led me to where I am now, which is a pretty good life! 775 more words

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