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Good-bye to Seth

When we got back from our vacation, we received the unwelcome news that our new organist (who, IIRC, has been here for about six months), was going to be leaving us. 151 more words

Life In General


Antenna: (n) 1. a rod or wire used to transmit or receive radio or television signals 2. a pair of thin sensory appendages on the heads of insects… 338 more words

Fatigue and Foolishness

So, everything is crap, as is generally the case in these quarters. I’m back with my family for the holidays, which has meant registering as a temporary patient with a local GP. 1,197 more words


The Daily Read: Make the Change or Don't Complain

If something is out of your control, don’t worry about it. If it is in your control, own it and shut the hell up.

Today’s daily read may be tough love for some of you. 543 more words

The Daily Read

GAGCK!!! Now Ah'm Sick

Now that purr-baby is doing some-what better, I came down w/ a horrendous monsterous summer cold. I haven-t had one of these in years and I mean years. 233 more words


So while I started reading A Clash of Kings by George R.R. Martin some weeks ago I tend to read it slowly, just a few chapters at a time and as such, I chose to try to pick up the second Fifty Shades of Grey book because I had started reading it a long time back. 73 more words


"Hobby" Heartache

(note: I’m going to be pretty vague in this post. I don’t want to put a lot of detail because A. it’ll reveal how childish this really is and B. 445 more words