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Ear infection in dogs ( Otitis )

Ear infection in dogs ( Otitis )

Otitis is one of the most common diseases among dogs.It’s prevalence  in cats is less than dogs. Ear infection can affect outer or middle part of ear- otitis externa or media- or can involve internal part- otitis interna.In advanced otitis interna vestibular system which is responsible of body coordination is iflammed and leads to reveale clinical signs of illness of this part of nervous system. 344 more words

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February 11, 2010

napes and mike return to action……

topics include…….

4 things worse than starving to death……

the nappier time vortex……

copyrighting “wheelbarrow full of dicks” 57 more words


Wake Me Up Tomorrow

I am not having a good day. Every sentence I type comes out whiney, and each additional sentence I type to try to correct the whine sounds petulant instead. 440 more words


Nursery rhyme for the jaded and young.

Now I lie in bed for hours
thinking bout the horror I am
to have seen tremendous towers
but make not a move to scale them. 103 more words


Jiggling Nuisances

This post is mostly musing whining about boobs and bras.

So. Feel free to skip if that sounds like something you’re not interested in. 780 more words

Translation, Transliteration, and Greek Letter Magic

One of the more common sets of search terms I get on my blog, for some reason, involves how to write Japanese words, characters, or kanji in English, or whether there’s a Japanese to English alphabet conversion.   2,389 more words


Down the Stretch.....

Here we are at 2/3 thru the college football season. My Clemson Tigers have performed as expected…..beating everyone but Georgia and Florida State. Clemson should have won the FSU game, but completely choked. 201 more words