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Like banks

Banks only give money to those who can prove they don’t need it.

We only pity those who will never ask for it.

We only love those who are already strong. 48 more words


When the ex moves on and you’re still stalking her on Instagram

You cannot help but notice that you feel happy and lost at the same time.

Like your daughter who has grown up and is moving away to college in an another country; you never really did much with her, yet you will miss her airs and presence in the house.


On Rulership and Life's Bullshit

For some reason, Fr. Rufus Opus (who, I might add, is still not me) claims that I’m his best student.  I don’t really agree with him, since I think I just write more than the rest of his students, but he claims that I’m one of the minority of his students who took his courses and ran with it, not only developing my own style of magic but also implementing them in the way he envisioned his students to do so: to rule your life like a King.   1,734 more words



Went to bed at 8:30 last night. Absolutely no way I can miss work this week. I can’t wait until Friday night to get sick?

The Poison and Promise of Nostalgia

I used to wake up to the triumphant clanging of bells – either in the provincial student town I was studying in for a year in Belgium, or in the now-sleepy city that embraces the Rhine. 621 more words



I’m 25 years old and I’m worried transhumanism isn’t working quite fast enough, so this blog is probably as close as I’ll get to eternal life. 9 more words