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What is a complaint?

Really, what is it? It is a communication conundrum.

What do people mean when they complain?

I used to unload all my troubles on my husband the minute he walked in the door. 767 more words

Living Well

Updates, News, and My Inability to Focus

The contracts for In Full Bloom are all signed and now I’m waiting for my first round of edits. I’ve been outlining When You Were Mine (Second Chances 2) and have finally managed to get words on the page.   120 more words


Skip's Quips: A Little Complaining Can't Hurt Now and Then

I just realized something: I think I like kvetching about movies more than watching them.

That definitely holds true for bad films. But what about good ones? 251 more words


Don't ever feel like your alone

When you go through trial after trial, argument after argument, debate after debate, and your still stuck in the same place. You then start to question yourself, like “is anybody listening ” Yes, I guess the easy thing to say is, “there is someone more worse off than you” but what did you, yourself do, to get to the place of doubt, and misery your in, do you want to get out? 59 more words

STAR puppy #20 - staying on leash with another person

I like pups and dogs that want to be with me,  keep track of me, follow where I lead and check in if we’re on an unleashed hike. 606 more words

Dog Training

In which blech

Today was not the day I wanted it to be.  It was supposed to be a half day,  but the meeting I was supposed to go to this afternoon, which was going to be unpleasant but at least would mean I got to leave work early, got cancelled.   237 more words


Can I Return These?

I tore my sole up in January.  I struggled with plantar fasciitis through spring.  I battled back against my withered fitness during the summer.  Now the fall is here, the runner’s Mecca, and by all accounts I should be back up to speed and racking up the miles and pushing up my distance and reveling in the gorgeous weather that will last a scant month or so. 415 more words