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A Land Called Super Bowl

Today I am planning a good old-fashioned day of wallowing. I am feeling a little blue. All my friends are on the edge of hysteria about the upcoming Super Bowl being played right here in our own Valley of the Sun. 605 more words



Don’t talk about them. Don’t show them. Don’t even think about them.

Someone else will always have a differing opinion.

It’s just not worth the efforts.


Borderline borderline borderline borderline borderline (five times makes it circle, which lessens its power)

I love Cracked.com. I always click on one article… then it’s about five hours later and my head hurts, but I’ve at least smiled at the smarmy but true lists. 307 more words


The Lost Art of Saying No

Saying ‘no’ to anything or anyone in this day and age of widespread materialism and instant gratification is a lost art. And yet, so many of us would be far less stressed and much happier if we could just implement that one little word into our daily vocabulary. 592 more words

And yes. I don't drink coffee.

This is worse than FYP. Back then after pulling late nighters, I can sleep for 20 hours straight.

Now, I have to pull myself off the bed after pathetic 3 hours of sleep. 30 more words


Things I Want To Be Great At

One thing that depresses me about being thirty is that I have nothing to show for it. Three decades on this planet and I’m not really super great at anything, at least not at anything impressive. 128 more words


I am seriously masochistic

One more week.

Just one more week and I should have less work to do. And I can sleep normally again. And I can finally cut/dye my hair. 27 more words