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Hold This

Won’t you hold this for me, my dear
Let it rest on the small of your back
After all, it’s to be used on your rear… 108 more words


City Walk

City Walk
An Haiku by Susan Marie Molloy

Quick steps, turn corner,
Cold wind snaps and whips the walk;
Thousand crispy leaves.

©Susan Marie Molloy and all works within.

Susan Marie Molloy

82 Words

“It burns!” Her tiny voice cracks; bleeds into the breeze.  “Stop, plea–”

Tears build and

tumble down her tattered frame;

hopscotch through her soiled rags. 56 more words


Stadium Talk 9-17

Hey everyone! Check out yesterday’s show from Stadium Talk, one of our usual host’s Max was not there, so I took the reigns a little bit and had to do a bit more hosting than usual.

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