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Slow Burn

Kiss me with the whip my love
Set my porcelain skin ablaze
I want to dance in hell with you
And play the devil’s game. 383 more words

Vagina Flaunting and Clit Spanking

Chloe and Skye Blue go for a kinky outdoor bdsm lezdom in this scene. Skye Blue unleashes her fierce side and takes charge. She commands her slave Chloe and spreads her legs wide and flaunt her shaved V and got herself spanked in this raunchy movie.


I do not have a mill with shady willow trees
I have a horse and a whip
I will kill you and go

I do not have a red Ferrari or a pink rose… 38 more words


Kick It!

Sasha got me some new striped socks ~ what a sweetheart she is! I love doing all this modeling for the concept art but maybe we should give some of our friends a turn in the spotlight. 18 more words

Meteor Mags

Michael Gove has been Sacked!!!!

Radical and controversial UK Education Secretary Michael Gove has been demoted to chief whip by Prime Minister David Cameron.

Read more at the Guardian.


THOSE WERE THE DAYS - Whip Appeal - Babyface

It was the summer of 1990. I had a freeze, a brown MC Hammer pant suit, and a pair of shiny Penny Loafers. My mama gave my cousin Curtis (Sweetie) the keys to the Dodge and we had tickets to the talent show in Strong, Arkansas. 55 more words

Those Were The Days