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It’s my birthday, and you’ve organised something special for me, but you won’t say what it is. You tell me to dress up and come to your place. 1,434 more words


Vanilli gurl...

hey! Bowie Boy – we love vanilla cream above all…

A Rock and a Hard Place


You’re right about us going insane. My backside felt like hell this morning, but when we gathered for breakfast I decreed that all of us should be given a five-minute paddling and spend ten minutes against the wall to pay for our outrageous behavior the previous night before settling down to eat. 1,827 more words


Oh Musideum, You've Done it Again

“You just gotta trust that someone’ll be there to support you.”

That’s an incredible thing my buddy Eric said to a dude who went on stage to improvise for the first time last night at the renewed bi-monthly comedy variety night; Comedy Night at Musideum. 120 more words



It didn’t take me long to get here.
Whip, you are my saviour.
You bring me to this place. This Sanctuary.
I am flying.
I am aware yet unaware at the same time. 63 more words


Floggermeister’s ‘The Beast’

When I opened the parcel to reveal the Beast my first thought was, “Wow, that is bigger than I expected!”. Obviously with a name like ‘The Beast’ it wasn’t going to be a small flogger, still I expected much less for what I paid. 744 more words