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Never work with animals and children.

I haven’t yet introduced you to my other family member and sometimes the one who gives me most of the guilty feelings. My downtrodden, gorgeous and amazingly tolerant whippet, Sophie. 638 more words

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The Dark Art of Worktop Surfing

We’ve learned there’s a name for Dusty’s foraging in our kitchen. It’s called the dark art of worktop surfing!

Apparently┬áit is practised extensively (but not exclusively) by greyhounds, whippets and lurchers, whose long legs make it ideal for them to reach the worktop and shuffle round on their hind legs, hoovering up any carelessly placed morsels, or as in Dusty’s case, spring right up onto the top. 194 more words

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Whippet Ski Poles

Black Diamond Equipment

Identifying Information

Remedy: free replacement for the upper shaft

Contact Info: Black Diamond Equipment at (800) 775-5552 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. 643 more words

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The Lamb Thief

Dusty has stolen a lamb!

A dead one, luckily. Or more accurately a cooked one.

We have guests for dinner and have been cooking roast lamb with all the trimmings. 314 more words

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Dusty the Dustman Dog

There is a bit more peace in the house now that our catlets (they can no longer be called kittens) have learned to stand up to Dusty, our guest dog. 326 more words

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Doggy Days

It’s been a brilliant weekend for the dogs. Lots of wonderful walks in the woods amongst the autumn leaves and beside the lake, all after a few dozen laps of our field as the whippets race neck and neck, and Richie pants along behind trying to keep up. 96 more words

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Sheringham parkrun

This weekend I’ve been at my parents’ place in North Norfolk.

In the week, I emailed my mum and suggested that I’d quite like to go to a parkrun on Saturday morning. 392 more words