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It’s been a bad day for Jaffa. First he didn’t get any supper last night. There was much meowing in the night as the hunger pains kicked in. 110 more words

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Jeg lagde en profil til facebook som jeg mener formidler og representerer meg. Jeg har 6 hunder, jeg liker enkle, grafiske mønstre og favorittfargen mine er blå. 180 more words

September Sun and long runs

As I’ve been easing into training and working more on rehabbing some niggles….the sun was a rare treat…and I remembered to bring a drink this time…..another 20 miles banked …slowly but surely coming back to myself…20 miles 2hrs 40.

Whippet brain

This definitely applies to all the greyhound family of lurchers and whippets too. Poppy certainly spends a lot of her life stretched out on the sofa or any other warm bed she can find. 28 more words

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Gone Fishing

Treacle is teaching Zanzi about the joy of fishing.

And yet, this is the fishpond where Treacle nearly drowned as a kitten. It is a well with only water, weeds and fish, not very deep, but with no way of climbing out for a cat that falls in. 152 more words

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5 ways to get the creative flow going

School has started, which means less time for my own creative projects. I’m a little scared, but oddly enough have always worked better when I have many things on my plate. 511 more words