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Now we're talking....

With any luck we’ll look back on Sunday the 13th April 2014 as a turning point…today it simply came together. The usual suspects assembled at the unearthly time of 7am at Asda car park, still no followers …..The Finger, AWOL, Baby Face, Flash, Cautious The Hobbit , Cling Film the Whippet and myself managed to make it. 1,130 more words


Goedendag! good day everyone!

Good Morning Everyone!  Ahhhh what a day, what a day… kicked out of bed very early this morning by a whippet…a surprise wake up call! What can one do, standing over me with great concern on her face was the Porti (Portuguese Water Dog).. 111 more words

Digging For Australia

It’s that time of year again when we have to clear the mountainous piles of leaves from the tennis court. It is overhung by  two apple trees and a huge oak tree so the leaves pile up all autumn and we never seem to get time to clear them till the spring. 66 more words


Getting Ready for Easter

And I found a way to turn myself into a cartoon!!!  You can all have a go here!


The Art of Sharing

Sky has come to stay with us – this time for a month while her owners are on a long holiday. She practically galloped up the drive to claim her warm bed by the Aga and looks very content here. 139 more words

Furry Friend Tag

Recently I saw a fantastic tag post on Bewitchery to share a little about your furry friends and as you might know if you follow my Instagram account I do like to share a lot about my pets, especially my 2 year old whippet, Pixie. 709 more words

RaRa Reid

Rudy the whippet

Introducing Rudy (Miss Gilb) she is the laziest dog ever!