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Santa's Little Helper

Quinn Magnus. If you’re going to sit right in the middle of what I’m trying to do, I’m going to make you wear a hat and take your picture. 38 more words


Having catch up’s with friends is good for the soul

Woof Woof everyone! Connor blogging again, Clancy is still sore but I think he is getting better, very slowly…he has been back to vet to see if he is allowed to play with me yet, he is allowed but he cannot keep up anymore, gets tired and sore quickly and isn’t happy about playing for more than a few minutes…. 470 more words


A Creation Story

I don’t write much fiction, and I rarely share it, but I like this story. It’s a sort of “back story” to my fantasy novel “The Journey Into Know,” an origin tale if you will. 4,096 more words

Chemo, Kids, Chaos - Susannah's Latest Snatch

Whippet pupz are a knobbly hard knot of snore. They seek out air gaps and shrink wrap their victim tight to the bed. Mabel flops heavily on top so that she can slide down and hermetically seal me in, Rex scluups and sticks alongside tight, I can’t inch away, he vacuum sucks up the no- man’s land gap ‘til he has conquered the territory. 1,076 more words

What we do on November 9

It’s Sunday, November 9. We put off the dishes, delay doing the laundry. Work that needs to be done for Monday’s classes will have to wait. 221 more words


Thankful Challenge 2014 - Pooches

This whole Thankful Challenge would not be complete without the Wonder Whippets.

I am a crazy dog lady. Yes, my dogs are spoiled. But look at those faces! 258 more words


Happy Birthday Quinn!

Where did 4 awesome years go?!

Besides making him look ridiculous in Halloween hats, Quinn is spending the day snoozing, stretching, farting and having a few extra birthday treats.

Stay tuned…