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They say youth is wasted on the young, they obviously haven’t met you

Take a look at any commentary around youth and you will find that they are synonymous with immaturity. Most compliments are two sides with a shortcoming attached to them. 630 more words

Have you ever been so eager to start using something you just bought that you bypass reading the owner’s manual only to end up frustrated? According to Accenture “68 percent of all returns work but aren’t meeting customer expectations — or they are simply too confusing to use.”  If only someone would have wrote an owner’s manual!

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Whirlpool thinks it knows what we'll need in our smart homes. Here's how it will make it real

Before I consider my home smart, I’m going to need to replace my appliances. While the smart fridge is a cliché, having a smarter kitchen… 1,239 more words