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Where there's a will there's a whale!

“Dolphin!” One of my guests shouted.

Phew. I was relieved. We’d been out on the water for 2 hours already and hadn’t seen a thing. It happens of course, wildlife is wild, but as the on board “wildlife guide” there is obviously an expectancy that I find things…and despite my best eagle, otter and porpoise-spotting efforts we hadn’t seen anything. 347 more words

August 29, 2014: ride the Spanish aero car over the Niagara river

I’ve been to Niagara Falls before but in my travels I’ve never been on the aero car that is suspended 255 feet in the air and runs over the whirlpool that is down river from the falls. 137 more words

     Remember all those fun days of playing in the mud as a child then running into the sprinkler to get it all off you so you wouldn’t get in trouble… Well I do and that’s how this day ends for Craig, Carla and all of their friends who helped. 296 more words

Blackston Lake

Review: Opeth - Pale Communion

Opeth has deviated immensely from its early work, both expanding their repertoire and their notoriety as musical geniuses.

Far from the black metal of early releases like “Orchid,” the opening track, “Eternal Rains Will Come,” ushers in the age of Opeth-style progressive rock and progressive metal. 849 more words

Music Review

A Dazzling Anniversary Weekend

This past weekend Nick and I celebrated 3 years of marriage – which feels at the same time like it was yesterday, and also like we’ve been together forever!   302 more words

Who will buy GE's appliance division?

GE Appliance Division For Sale

General Electric has confirmed that they are in talks with Electrolux and others for the sale of GE’s Appliance division. At 8.3 billion dollars in annual sales (includes appliances and lighting), the numbers are not trivial, yet the division is the smallest in… 228 more words