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What is this blog?

This blog is mainly for my personal enjoyment and for those who are of like mind.  I like to dabble in all things related to the good life and I most certainly am not an expert in any of them.  165 more words


Review: Windsor Canadian Whisky

Windsor Canadian is currently produced by Beam Suntory at the Alberta Distillers Limited (ADL) facility in Calgary Alberta. Beam Suntory gives the following description on their website information regarding this whisky, 344 more words


Review: Masterson’s 12-Year-Old Straight Wheat Whiskey

Masterson’s Straight Wheat Whiskey is distilled and aged in Canada, for a California company located in Sonoma, called 35 Maple Street. As a straight whiskey, the spirit must be barreled and aged in new American Oak; however this Masterson’s whiskey also holds the distinction of being perhaps the only Canadian whiskey which is distilled on a copper pot still from a mash of 100 % wheat grain. 142 more words


Review: Marshall's Bourbon Whiskey

Marshall’s Bourbon Whiskey is produced in Bardstown, Kentucky for the Beveland Liquor Company. In case you did not know, Beveland is located in northern… 228 more words


Review: Blanton’s Gold Edition Bourbon

Blanton’s is a bourbon whiskey brand created by Sazerac and launched in 1984. The brand is named for Albert B. Blanton who worked at the… 337 more words


Review: White Owl Ginger Lime Whisky

Last, year Highwood Distillers was severely impacted by a massive flash flood which devastated Southern Alberta on June 20th, 2013. The folks working at the distillery had only minutes of warning before the flood hit, and the severity of the event was such that some distillery staff had to be rescued from the tops of their cars by helicopter. 397 more words



I feel like I have a lot of mixed emotions right now. I mean it’s really hitting me like a hurricane and I know that’s like such a dumb way to put it but it’s true. 188 more words