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Wishlist #02

Another obsession:crushed products, i still remember few years ago when they launch this famous crushed coffee cup, looks like it’s still trendy. Yesterday i went to Daniel Arsham’s exhibition “The future is always now” at the Perrotin gallery in Paris, i wish i could show you the pictures that i took but unfortunately it was “for personal use only” so maybe when the exhibition will be done… Most of artworks were his famous volcanic ashes walkman, tires, guitar and mic, but i wished there was more artworks than just 10 pieces…but well art is always like this!! 45 more words


Wishlist #01

I know that minimalist is the art of “less is more” but i use minimalism in another sense speaking of shopping “quality over quantity”. Few weeks ago i was at Fleux, this Parisian design concept store and i saw this wood hand, it’s a good alternative to the famous white mystic hand to put jewelry on or whatever you want, i’m gonna paint it in white, or black or both, we’ll see! 181 more words