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Inner voice wins

Rain rain rain
can sometimes be
such a pain!

It’s to be expected silly!

Yes, but too much rain and wind makes it terribly challenging to walk to the bus, walk from the Metro. 44 more words

Whispering Reflections

Playing nice

What is it with the numbers’ game?
why are some folks so into seeing their name
some are even name calling others!
sheesh, it really is a shame… 171 more words


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In support for playing nice, being creative and keeping the gloves OFF.

[Moon Chasing, Star Gazing Night]


‘You were chasing the Moon,
I was chasing the Stars -
Right into your eyes.’

- Jen


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Gosh I love this!!

Dearest Emma,

I had a late start with another class interview this morning, on my day off but it went well. Since I’m up, I may as well get my tax papers together and drive down and on the way I can see Mom. 989 more words

Whispering Reflections

Ce n'est qu'un au revoir

Ce n’est pas un adieu
Mais un au revoir…
Collègue, âme sœur parfois,
marraine bien des fois
fine, fiable
bienfaisante… 71 more words

Whispering Reflections

Hanging on

She moved so far away
a new life she’d commence
hoping…her recompense
for all her struggling years.
The days were long
the nights, much longer, 268 more words

Whispering Reflections

I feel fine

I feel fine…
my group went well,
amazing people
who came together,
beauty to see
it all work out
the magic  and
the power
of kindness, 57 more words

Whispering Reflections