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Shadow Lands

I vanished in the midnight wind,

near the silver glare of the moon

pale ghost of death, so kind to sight

have held my hand too soon. 70 more words

Spilled Ink


Indifference wailed,
banging on jealousy’s door
“Do my eyes deceive me?
Stop, please I beseech thee”
Distraught, defeated
Parting their separate ways
Jealousy began its reign in its place… 44 more words

Spilled Ink

Just Out of Reach

She’s tasted rain clouds and cried at sunsets
Drank of the open ocean,
Drawn her sins in the sand
Crashed headfirst into pain because she was too busy trying to pick up the pieces of her life… 453 more words

Spilled Ink

The Artist

I learnt to paint
by tracing the outlines
of your eyes
with my fingertips
and coloring in
your nose
and lips
with my kisses.
I learnt to sing… 48 more words

Spilled Ink

Lay With Me

Laying my head on my needle-like worries I pretend to sleep, though I can’t,  because of the thoughts about you that are more life-like than dreams… 130 more words



I imagine this conversation in person; you across from me, sitting on the sofa, your legs draped in denim stretching out to me, ending in a pair of odd socks. 471 more words


Soul Mates

My love, my soul mate , my truest friend
Where did it begin? How will it end?
Who we are, how we relate
No one else like you in this fate… 86 more words

Spilled Ink