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I am Rich Weinstein

I really want to stay out of the limelight,” said Rich Weinstein, a Philadelphia investment adviser. “This is not about me.”

“Too late,” say those of us that appreciate Rich Weinstein’s efforts to expose the Jonathon Gruber, “Stupidity” videos.  

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The speed of the revelations is simply stating at times and this moment is no exception.

A brave woman who works for FIFA has described in detail the corruption that had been going on in FIFA and explained she is worried about her own safety. 1,313 more words

The Persecution of Julian Assange

Roger’s note: Here is the complete story behind the bizarre and Byzantine attempt by the United States government and its lapdog UK and Swedish governments to get their eager hands on a man who had the temerity to expose some of their atrocities.   2,811 more words

Criminal Justice


A government that is afraid of whistle blowers is a government that is afraid of it’s citizens knowing the truth



Whistle blowers who go through hell are creating hell as they go

Reflective Quotes

update as of 11/10/2014 7:00pm PST:

The post below was written before learning of the IGF incident & Twitter’s censorship of @Nero¹ (I will not discuss here, but the information is readily available via pro-#GamerGate sources on Twitter and via Google).

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Corrupting the System

The Press Gazette

The Guardian

I read the above two articles.

A free society has its morals, ethics and laws undermined if the priorities of the people paid to uphold it are corrupted. 486 more words