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NZ mass surveilance operational PM lied

Just a week from election in New Zealand It has been revealed that mass electronic surveillance has been occurring despite government denials.

While in Australian the debate has been about meta data, in New Zealand complete content has been spied on. 37 more words




Rep. Rush Holt has long been one of the most outspoken critics of the surveillance state. First elected in 1998 to represent central New Jersey, the Democrat served on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, which oversees U.S. 106 more words


TV is mind control

Before there are calls of conspiracy theory, the footage analyzed is available and the existence of the mind control program called MKULTRA is well known. 10 more words


CDC Whistle Blower Tells the Truth About MMR Vaccine

A study brought to my attention by Natural News and the Health Ranger is very troubling. The truth about Autism and the MMR vaccine is coming to the fore front. 411 more words

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The Dark Secret of Juvenile Detention Centers - By Josh Voorhees SEPT. 3 2014 9:31 PM

Nine out of every 10 reporters of sexual abuse are males victimized by female staffers.

The perpetrators and victims of abuse behind bars aren’t always who you might think. 511 more words


Pakistani pedophiles rape 1400 kids in 16 years: Rotherham UK

The more disturbing elements to this case are the following:

Authorities refused to act due to fears of being branded a racist, because perpetrators were Pakistani in origin. 47 more words

Whistle Blowers

New Jersey police caught on camera assaulting citizen

Over six months ago this story emerged but despite the whole’ hands up don’t shot’ theme clearly displays here very little in the media frenzy. Police caught out by their own cameras. 154 more words