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Paul Little: Flag debate shields dirty House - Politics - NZ Herald News

Sick of hearing about dirty politics? Me, too. During the campaign I started to take note of allegations that came to light after publication of Nicky Hagers book of the same name, but stopped because I was running out of bandwidth.To name a few, major and minor: possible involvement by Judith Collins in efforts to undermine the head of the SFO, which may or may not have been what led to her resignation; manipulation of figures over gang involvement in crime; the PMs apparent pre-knowledge of a private advertisement in the Press that put the Government in a favourable light; the extraordinary revelations made in Auckland Town Hall by the worlds top three whistle-blowers, Glen Greenwald, Edward Snowden and Julian Assange, about our involvement in mass surveillance, overshadowed of course by the Kim Dotcom debacle.Then we learned Solid Energy had kept from the Pike River families news that the mine had been assessed as safe to enter a year ago, which, given the amount of time and effort the PM and senior Cabinet ministers had put into the issue, had serious embarrassment implications for the Government.At the very least, all this shows there is something wrong at the heart of the administration. 281 more words


Queensland cop caught stealing on video on duty

Of course the cop was never charged for the offense of stealing $1000 from an old woman while raiding her house for allegedly selling cannabis. 60 more words


Larken Rose the plantation

Plainly explaining that its not freedom just because someone calls it freedom, it has to have the properties of freedom.

It harks back to Stefan Molyneux’s explanation ‘the world is a farm’  and ‘to know the farm is to leave the farm’.

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The Hindu - 25 Sept 14 - Dangers in disclosure

The Hindu – 25 Sept 14 – Dangers in disclosure

That the Supreme Court is now willing to take another look at its decision calling for the revelation of the identity of the whistle-blower… 581 more words

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Climate what?

Caution actual science content, may cause cognitive dissonance!

Huge number of ill informed people have been very excited about planetary temperatures recently. It’s surprising they care about something so much without knowing the basic facts about it. 216 more words


Australia implements 'Steve's law'

Following pressure from a fringe religious group called ‘the servants of Steve’ , the Australian government has buckled to pressure from the group because of it’s control of Australia’s electrical distribution system. 410 more words

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Indigenous PUP Senator Jacqui Lambie rejects Sharia Law And the Burqa, MSM Bullshit piles up

Today the mainstream media, including channel 9 is all over Senator Lambie’s criticism of Sharia Law, calling for her to apologize. In trying to express her views on Sharia law in a recent interview Senator Lambie failed to explain clearly what Sharia Law actually is, but correctly stated that all Australians have an obligation to honour the constitution. 663 more words

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