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Pakistani pedophiles rape 1400 kids in 16 years: Rotherham UK

The more disturbing elements to this case are the following:

Authorities refused to act due to fears of being branded a racist, because perpetrators were Pakistani in origin. 47 more words

Whistle Blowers

New Jersey police caught on camera assaulting citizen

Over six months ago this story emerged but despite the whole’ hands up don’t shot’ theme clearly displays here very little in the media frenzy. Police caught out by their own cameras. 154 more words


The MMR Vaccine: Is it Safe? I Think Not.

The MMR vaccine has been around for a long time. Parents have, for years now, just gotten their children vaccinated with this, thinking they were doing the responsible parent thing. 299 more words

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We against They... The Battle Continues

I found this draft in my WordPress dashboard from January 2012. I don’t know why I never published it. It was finished, except perhaps a few tweaks for grammar and spelling, but for the most part complete. 616 more words


Gemma Meyer warns USA of the South African experience

The end of apartheid in South Africa and the removal of white from authority did not end the violence or poverty.

So why are things just as bad or even worse now?

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Worlds largest organised crime network: Police

But that’s only USA I hear you say…Sorry it’s a worldwide network and largely the same everywhere.

Well lets have at look at the level of criminality and dishonesty in NSW Police.

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Will the Media remain a friend of Obama after they jail a NY Times reporter?

We shall see where this leads.  Will the press remain a loyalist to Obama? The Internet bloggers are next on his list. One to pay attention to. 187 more words