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Snowden Says He Asked Putin About Spying to Catch Him in a Lie - By Joe Coscarelli April `8 2014

The decision by fugitive NSA leaker Edward Snowden to appear on TV with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin during a softball Q&A session was all part of the larger plan, says Snowden. 275 more words


Report wrongdoing

Whistleblower protection groups are demanding the Harper government fire its second public service integrity commissioner after two damning audits of his office.



Edward Snowden's prize - By DYLAN BYERS | 4/14/14 3:38 PM EDT Updated: 4/14/14 6:12 PM EDT

Edward Snowden didn’t win a Pulitzer on Monday, but he might as well have.

Snowden declares the decision ‘a vindication.’ | Getty

In a move certain to be interpreted as a vindication of the former government contractor’s efforts, the Pulitzer Prize Board on Monday awarded The Guardian US and The Washington Post its coveted Public Service award for reporting on the National Security Agency’s domestic surveillance practices. 341 more words


Jack Shafer | When Are Leaks Legitimate? State Secrets in the Snowden Era | Foreign Affairs Secrets and Leaks: The Dilemma of State Secrecy. By Rahul Saga

The U.S. government commands few capabilities more potent than its power to declare information secret. Even when the judiciary and Congress exercise their checks-and-balances powers over the executive branch, the American secrecy machine still finds a way to shunt aside substantive discussions about a host of programs and policies. 2,773 more words



The world is awash with whistle-blowers, with over a hundred mentioned in Wikipedia, going back to as far as 1777, when Samual Thaw blew the whistle on the torturing of British POWs by Commodore Esek Hopkins, (the commander-in-chief of the Continental Navy); to Edward Snowden who’s blown the lid on the world’s intelligence communities, surely, the obvious question must be asked; 1,361 more words

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Work Ethics?

If it came down to doing the right thing or getting paid for work you didn’t do, which would you do? Would you do the right thing or would you take the money that wasn’t rightfully yours? 622 more words

▶ Creating a New Media Paradigm After Citizens United

 Published on Mar 30, 2014

TRNN Hosts a discussion on the film ‘Shadows of Liberty’    The News Media: Censorship, Coverups and Corporate Control – Panel moderated by Paul Jay featuring film director JP Tremblay and journalists Kristina Borjesson and Glen Ford. 71 more words

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