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TMBP Extra: White anniversary

Forty-six years ago today – Nov. 22, 1968 – The Beatles graced us with The Beatles, ie., the White Album. It’s as brilliant on a listen today as I’m sure it was then. 451 more words


On November 22, 1968.

On November 22, 1968, The Beatles released “White album” in UK.

Unexpected Five (not Wee Five)

or  The ABC’s (even D’s) of Unexpectedness

To recap our journey to this point…

we have considered how performers of the same song (music) can alter that song’s impact… 726 more words


Getting your rythm

Her name is Aita Romanova. She is 20 years old and hails from Russia. Aita is a junior second semester, and is majoring in JMC, and minoring in INF and is considering a second minor in fine arts. 701 more words

White Album 2 Review/Analysis

Winter is coming, so why not face the fact head on by watching an above average anime rom-com that I guarantee will set the tone for the season? 2,230 more words