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Glorious Gems and Geometric Bokeh (8 Macros)

For the first time this year, I have Roses that are blooming. So of course I just had to take their pictures to show you! 594 more words


White Balance


Today, it’s a photography post, but not the usual Friday one! Most weeks I upload a ‘My Week In Photos’ but this time I’m going to talk about something called White Balance. 359 more words



For this first assignment, I chose to copy two photos by Alex Webb, from his book “Amazon: From the Floodplains to the Clouds.”

The first, “Parintins,” has a great green artificial light and is balanced with a fading natural light in the background. 314 more words

Advanced Techniques

Judging Colour Temperature 2

In similar fashion to the first part of this exercise, I needed to take a series of photographs of a neutrally coloured subject in different light conditions. 431 more words


Sunset (& white balance)

A sunset the other day, first one is a close-up of the sunset, the second & third ones show how dramatic the white balance setting can effect the picture. 6 more words


Food Photography, Day 29

Day 29. Already. Time is flying, and I think I’ll miss this course when it finishes in a few days. But I’ve learnt a lot, and I plan to practise until all this becomes second nature. 110 more words

Food Photography

Judging Colour Temperature 1

In order to start to judge colour temperature of various scenes I needed a willing volunteer. This turned out to be a neutrally coloured zebra. A series of photographs were to be taken under specific circumstances with the camera’s white balance set to ‘daylight’ to see the difference both time of day and direction of the sun makes to the way the image looks. 358 more words