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Introduction to White Balance

White Balance is an aspect of photography that many digital camera owners don’t understand or use – but it’s something well worth learning about as it can have a real impact upon the shots you take. 744 more words


Week Two- Practical Excercise


‘Using a DSLR, make a series of healthy digital captures using your histogram to assess exposure and a colour checker as a colour reference.’ 107 more words

Practical Excercises

Day 154: Another day in the life of an introvert

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

A few years ago, I was helping my in-laws set up a wireless network when one of the younger cousins confidently strode up to me and declared, “Here give it to me: I’m an IT student,” as if I had no idea what I was doing. 41 more words

365 Day Photos

week two: shooting and camera raw

In class today we talked a lot about white balance and experimented with using grey cards to make sure the custom WB adjustment in camera raw was accurate. 128 more words

Exercise: Your own workflow 1

The course Digital Photographic Practice from the Open College of the Arts degree in Photography was chosen deliberately as a means of forcing the pace of the development of my image management (particularly underwater images) capacity.   1,277 more words

Part One - Workflow

Week Two

This week we focused on histograms and how to read them, non-destructive editing, and white balance. We also looked at altering contrast, highlights, and shadows as well as sharpening. 103 more words


How I Process a Photo

I have never done this before so please abide with me… as this is my first attempt to show people how I process a photo. 467 more words