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Christmas Lights Week — How to Photograph Them

It’s the Christmas season.  All this week, Monday through Friday, I’ll be reblogging previous Christmas lights posts beginning today with how to photograph Christmas light decorations and the importance of white balance.  922 more words


Contact Sheet-Cafe Culture-05/12/14

The first set of image were taken using a mobile phone so that i could explore another type of lens based image making that wasn’t using a Nikon D7100 like all my other images.I found that i was more comfortable taking images as it was rather discreet and just appeared like i was texting on my phone.The downfall to this is the last of quality in my images, but as you will be able to see i experimented with a few different settings on my phone such as effects and white balance. 663 more words

Lens Based Image Making

Winter white...

Shooting in weather where there’s more white than anything else can be quite tricky especially when you’re already overexposing to compensate for the white snow; the other side to this is the shade of the snow. 417 more words


White balance

White balance (or WB) is necessary in digital cameras because light doesn’t just vary in brightness but also in ‘colour temperature’. The human eye naturally adjusts for this (making a sheet of white paper appear white no matter what the lighting conditions) but the camera requires WB to compensate for these different conditions. 252 more words


New white balance tool

Today, I go back to a previous topic, the white balance for a while because I have found a demo and a tutorial of a new Capture One feature which will make happy all those people who shoot in mixed light situation. 60 more words


Exercise - Judging colour temperature 1

The brief:

For this exercise you will need a subject that you can move around and which does not have a strong colour. A friend’s face would do well. 505 more words


Photos from the previous Photo Tour with the DP2Q

Once again, I was out taking pictures with the Quattro – this time in very soft and flat light. On the whole, I am happy with the results. 180 more words