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Five-step Lightroom workflow

STEP 1. AUTO EXPOSURE Stay in the LIBRARY module, select all the images from the job or from each camera, and run AUTO TONE from the Quick Develop panel. 1,230 more words

Technical Assignment #4: Harnessing Light

This assignment was all about capturing different types of lighting and white balance.

The out of class part was about different kinds of light/white balance. 30 more words

Aperture, Aperture, Aperture

Your eyes and brain are amazing bits of kit. The sensors are far more sensitive than anything man-made. Your brain does lots of processing based upon experience to adjust for differences in light.

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Three-Day Professional Photography Experience

“She has to know the aperture.” One professional photographer said.
“Yes, I agree. You have to know the ISO, the white balance and the shutter-shock.  You can google those terms. 587 more words


How To: White Balance

When I am editing a photo, one of the first things I do is open it in Camera Raw to correct the white balance. To help know if the coloring is right I look at what is supposed to be completely white in the image. 45 more words

In the field, what are your settings?

To know what my settings are, you first need to understand what the terminology means.

Aperture: the physical opening inside the lenses themselves. It allows light to enter the sensor or film. 231 more words

Blue Movement

Intentional camera movement (up/down) while capturing some dry grasses during blue hour. I like the amount of odd detail and shapes and lines in the image. 86 more words