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Vacant Changes

This here is what they call a leaf mine. Essentially an insect gets inside of the leaf where it feeds; the excavation leaves a distinct mark or pattern as you see here. 189 more words

Macro Photography

Take a Balanced Approach to White Balance

If you’re a new amateur digital photographer you may have been wondering about White Balance. What is it? What can it actually do for you? 836 more words

Controlling your ISO and White Balance in difficult light

One of my assignments yesterday was a theater group’s performance of some of Shakespeare’s plays at the Alex Theater in Glendale, Ca.
Shakespearience is the name of the play. 203 more words


Building a Book Scanner (Part II: Tray)

Last week, I showed how I built the lectern for my book scanner prototype. This week, let’s have a look at the tray holding the glass needed to keep the book evenly opened. 351 more words


Pushing Your Buttons

The next stage of development in Photography 101 is Pushing Your Buttons. This area covers Introduction, Depth-of-field preview, Auto-exposure (AE) lock, Autofocus modes, Motor drive modes, Metering modes and White balance options.


White Balance

The next stage of development in Foundation of Photography: Exposure is White Balance. This area covers White balance controls, Adjusting white balance manually and Shooting raw.


Camera Anatomy

The next stage of development in Foundation of Photography is Camera Anatomy. This area covers Modes, Pressing the shutter button, Auto focus, Light metering and White balance,