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Recipe #16 - Brouet Vergay

Brouet Vergay is aptly titled. The translation is “Gaudy-Green Broth”. It is a brightly colored sauce for the meat of our choosing. The sauce gets it’s color from it’s main ingredient, parsley, as well as egg yolks and saffron.


Banana Sushi Snack

Natalie walked into the kitchen to try and make a new snack: Banana Sushi. Naturally, I asked her if I could document it, and if it turned out good, blog it. 148 more words


The Differences Between Breads

White Bread – White bread is made using refined flour, which means that the wheat has been striped of it’s germ and bran which in turn means it has lost all nutritional value. 296 more words


11 Foods That Actually Make You Hungrier

Some foods can actually make you feel HUNGRIER when you eat them. Which is a good way to get big in a hurry, if you’re not paying attention. 284 more words


Day 42 - Current Theories

To balance the negativity from my Hack Rant two days ago, here are some more positive thoughts about what might be exacerbating, and helping, my eczema. 714 more words

Basic White for the bread machine

Buddy Awesome recently purchased a bread machine and reminded me that I had neglected to post any recipes.  Today let’s cover the most versatile type, in our house anyway, basic white.  232 more words

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Recipe #15 - Soupe crottee

Soupe crotte…. worst name ever! It doesn’t sound so bad until you translate it… Dung soup. Terence Scully is kind and calls it Lumpy Sops. Either way the name is unfortunate but the dish was surprisingly taste and very filling.   434 more words