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Homemade White Loaf

As you all know, I recently went and purchased the “Brilliant Bread” cooking book by James Morton and I’ve been waiting for the past week to finally be able to get some time in the kitchen and try my hand at making my first homemade loaf. 187 more words


Recipe #21 & #22 - Cameline Sauce and Cameline Garlic Sauce

I did these two sauces together as they differ by only one ingredient… garlic. Both are sweet, sour, and thick. Both give a nice mild spice that would be lovely on roasted pork or poultry. 433 more words


Recipe: Whole Wheat Bread Review

I would really like to share a recipe at least once a week – a recipe that is “plan approved” and follows my guidelines for real food in my own household. 573 more words


Recipe #20 - Paste en pot

This is an odd dish. It is a paté made from the meat of your choice, spices and bread. The texture is not what we recognize as a modern paté. 577 more words


The Sandwich Vendor


Its been 3 decades since I am having the sandwich made by this sandwich vendor.

I still remember the first time I had eaten it. I was 12 years old. 723 more words


I recently just realized how much bread we eat, and how many preservatives are in store-bought bread. So why not make my own?


adapted from… 197 more words


Recipe #19 - Char de porc fresche

Pork gently boiled until cooked through and then added to a lite sauce with lots of herbs. This is a very pretty dish and smells and tastes wonderful. 444 more words