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Pain De Campagne - A Bit Like Lithuanian 'White Bread'

What do you do when chilly and damp October-like days creep upon your unsuspecting soul that’s still dressed in summer outfits? After the brightness and busyness of the sunny months, I usually welcome the calmness and respite of darker, deeper days, monotonous rain, and silent head-space. 583 more words


Is white bread good for us?

For the last few years, it has been said that white bread should be avoided as it is unhealthy because it has a high sugar content, and that brown bread – otherwise known as wholemeal – is much better for us. 258 more words


What's for lunch? Niçoise salad with home-baked bread

Yesterday’s lunch consisted of a classic tuna Niçoise with *drumroll* home-baked bread. The latter sounds intimidating, but in reality (and much to my surprise), baking plain white bread is the easiest job there is. 298 more words

What's For...?

Is arthritis hereditary? – Page 60

- But are there no cases of arthritis which are hereditary, and which are not due to a wrong life style?

- I don’t think that arthritis is more hereditary then that we eat the wrong things. 410 more words


Recipe #17 - Pignagoscé sur chapons

If you don’t like liver this dish is not for you. I however do like liver so I enjoyed the dish. It is twice cooked chicken with a thick sauce of liver, red wine and strong spices. 509 more words


Pain De Mie (White Sandwich Bread)

Julia Child’s Cambridge Kitchen is an exhibit at the Smithsonian in Washington D.C., and it’s amazing. It’s all intact and you can actually look into her legendary kitchen. 1,309 more words

Julia Child

Carbs - are they good or bad?

We all have a weird relationship with carbs. We want them, crave them even, but we worry that they are not good for us…and sometimes bloat and feel guilty after carb overload. 276 more words