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Pinterest Recipe Challenge #8


Nothing can beat the delicious aroma of bread baking in the oven. Nothing at all. Just imagine popping the fresh dough into the oven first thing in the morning and waiting for it to bake while you enjoy a hot cuppa coffee. 497 more words

Pinterest Challenge

6 Foods that are making you tired.

Ever wonder why you energy level takes such a nose dive in the afternoon? You favorite breakfast, lunch o snack foods may be to blame. Dawn Napoli, R.D., says certain foods are big energy sappers. 548 more words

Making Bread AND the Importance of Cookbooks

When I got married my mom gave me a “Better Homes & Garden’s Cookbook.” I remember crying at my bridal shower after she gave it to me because it reminded me of the BH&G’s Cookbook SHE used my whole childhood. 238 more words

Random Thoughts And Ramblings

The Bread of Men

When my brother and I were little kids and had to do that forceful march of sorts, trudging up and down the grocery store aisles with our mom for weekly food and sundries, we would play this imaginary game; Imagine that the store closed and you were forced to live on one aisle for a week. 1,213 more words


Simple Farmhouse Bread

If you possess a fear-of-yeast and have little to zero baking knowledge or bread baking experience, Simple Farmhouse Bread is a great basic recipe to start with. 1,808 more words

I made bread...

…and it was wonderful!

This time last year, I was baking brownies. Brownies upon brownies upon brownies! It was definitely my thing.

This year, I am at home, with my own oven, my “own” (mother’s) kitchen, and I don’t need to borrow a kitchen from someone, where I would have to take all my own ingredients that were stored in the top of my cupboard above my clothes and linen in my bedroom… Yeah, it’s definitely good to be home! 542 more words


Japanese Milk Bread or a new way to make squishy soft white bread!

Okay bread lovers out there…Is this not the most beautiful looking bread? The shine…the find crackles in the crust, the coloration…wow! I am very happy with the way these turned out. 1,039 more words