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Wine You Won't Find, Would Love

The headline above is enough to label me or anyone who would write it a bit of a wine snob. But that’s not really the point of the post. 408 more words


So the Cork Is Crucial in Premature Oxidation of White Burgundy

Because of the problem of premature oxidation, I no longer cellar white Burgundy for the long term, and I am drinking all my older vintages. At the moment I’m going through 2005, with generally disappointing results: most wines show some oxidation, with about half being at the point where the wine is drinkable but has lost much of its true character, a quarter being past the point where you really want to drink them, and a quarter still showing reasonably on form. 567 more words


Coquilles St-Jacques with Turnips and Rainbow Chard

After the wrapping paper is cleared and the eggnog emptied, I always find myself feeling slightly depressed. The post-Christmas blues are a natural occurrence given how much time and effort goes into getting through the holiday season, and nothing can match the sensory overload of Christmas Day with its presents, feasting, decorations, and long-unseen relatives! 673 more words


Understanding the Terroir of Burgundy (introduction)

The History, the Threats, and Why Terroir is Important

Terroir as a notion: 

The notion of climate and terroir palpably began with the establishment… 1,234 more words