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Luna Chattering/ Talking to her little Buddy....*(cute alert)

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Shiro the cat シロという猫

This is Shiro – my cousins’ super fluffy and friendly cat. これはシロという従姉妹の猫です。

Luckliy for my niece, Shiro doesn’t mind children.  姪を考えると、幸いにシロちゃんは子供が嫌いではない。

Although she sometimes seem to prefer to be outdoors and play by herself. 17 more words


Snowball: Hear no evil

Poor little Snowball!

Snowball was a lovely elderly white cat, and she has cancer – to be specific most likely ‘Squamous Cell Carcinoma’ or skin cancer. 724 more words

Surgery Cases

Archie is home

Our boy is home and in the wars, however with lots of loving he will be back to normal in no time :-).