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The recipe for impressing all the white girls.

The reality of this recipe is that it appeals to the masses, but that its target audience (I believe) is your stereotypical “white girl.” It involves chocolate chips (of both milk and dark influences) as well as Nutella and sea salt. 237 more words

It Happened One Night

My Review on the Classic "White Girl" Fall Drink

I am what you call a “typical white girl”. I wear Uggs, North Faces, drink Starbucks 24/7 and wear winged eyeliner. (When I can actually put it on correctly lol) But one thing I noticed was that every fall, I always would hear and see teenage girls obsessing over Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes. 76 more words


White Girl Raps.

I am a white girl possibly a super white girl so something very interesting happened to me tonight. I do improv and in case it hasn’t been clear, it is the love of my life. 263 more words

Tengo Mucha Hambre

“Tengo mucha hambre.”
My teacher taught me.

“I have much hunger.”

I have hunger,
Much hunger.

I have starvation,
For sunnier days
And later nights. 135 more words


Pumpkin Craze.

For some reason during fall people act like they’ve never seen or heard of a pumpkin before. It’s as if it’s a new fascination. “ 147 more words

White Girl Revolution

People can post whatever they want on social media, which is both a curse and a blessing. With this, came the rise of the “white girl”, which has gained a negative connotation. 400 more words

Mari Ann Talks Back