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Black And White

I find that most things are not as cut and dry as many people imagine. like dancing, for instance, it is not just step A then step B, it is the journey from the two points. 121 more words

Who You Spozed to Be?

I’m white, and my parents are white. My Dad and I both have freckles and super white skin – he’s a redhead, even – and we are just darn white. 581 more words


The white girl dilemma

So physical appearance is always on everyones mind, right? White girls are no different. But can I honestly say I have a “ghetto” booty, or is it a “ba-donkey-donk” is there even a separation? 203 more words

Sometimes, I think

Sometimes I think
I’ll be buried as the Aztecs
My heart skips its beating

A young boy
Seated in his
Intergalactic carriage
Will flip to page
And think of me.


Snap, Crackle, Pop.

I’d be more spotaneous
Were I less afraid
Of combusting

People look so
When they explode.

Ironic fireworks on
Independence day.
Flashing lights of our… 29 more words