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“YEAAASSSYYY” this is a genuine white girl word. Its a mix between yeaaaaas and yay. So when your excited (like being excited school close for snow) and dont know which word to say. just say YEAAASSYYYY


Anime Review: Tokyo ESP (Diving in to the World of Espers)


Tokyo ESP begins at a Christmas Eve in Tokyo, where a group of  Espers, people with superhuman abilities took over the government’s Parliament House and thereafter declaring how the world will now be ruled by their kind. 623 more words


Being called a "White Girl" when your very much a Women Of Color!

As long as I can remember people of color wether they are family members, friends or people I just met has always called and I quote “A White Girl”. 785 more words

Add In A Starbucks Then It Will Be A Masterpeice

Greetings loved ones, we’ve moved to http://CheeseFeed.co/ , feel free to visit us! Have a nice day :)


Bend Ova - But Don't Embarrass Yourself

I wanted to take some time & formally thank Lil Jon for not coming out with the snappy tune, “Bend Ova'” while I was frequenting the club scene as an 18 year old white girl. 120 more words


This Is Organic Lettuce; A Short Dialogue

This is organic lettuce.

It looks like lettuce.

Well, you have to compare it to non-organic lettuce.

It still looks like lettuce.

No, see. We invented these chemicals… 28 more words


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There’s a term that has slowly come about the last few years. People use the term “basic” to describe “someone devoid of defining characteristics that might make a person interesting, extraordinary, or just simply worth devoting time or attention to,” according to urbandictionary.com. 412 more words