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Life of a Basic White Girl

Happy Thursday Reader!

If you weren’t previously aware of my state of person, I am a basic white girl. I hate to be a stereotype, but I do encompass the many qualities of a BWG. 532 more words


12 Haikus That Every White Girl Should Read

*All haikus posted were original by collegeundergrad on The Drunken Undergrad blogsite.

Song de Sunday...

As I ground myself and prepare, both mentally and spiritually, for this upcoming week, I bring you my inspirational song…

Fancy, by Iggy Azalea

Not only do I identify¬†with being “fancy,” but I completely appreciate this white chick taking over the Hip-Hop industry by storm; where it is difficult for ANY female to successfully produce recognized hits… and the list of successful female rap artists is sadly, quite short. 556 more words


Average White Girl, But So Much More

OK so I am the average white girl, I should be the picture when you look up the definition on Urban Dictionary. If you do look up the definition it says “A creature that often posts pictures of Starbucks on Instagram and wears yoga pants, and UGG boots and ALWAYS has an iPhone in her hand.” I always do that stuff. 346 more words

Nonoo RTW Spring/Summer 2015

The man on the runway who is acting like a typical “white girl” is an artist from Brooklyn his name is Dustin Yellin.
Designer Misha Nonoo is working together with him, this is her first time working with a artist. 17 more words


Jemisha_chante's crazy hot twerking Vines!

A white girl has come up lately posting twerking Vines, and blowing up on followers. The reason is obvious; her twerking is on FIRE! Watch her kill it like she has been doing it for years.